What Are The Pros and Cons of a Small Double Divan Bed?

April 06, 2022

Pros and Cons of a Small Double Divan Bed

The Pros and Cons of a Small Double Divan Bed.

Have you got a bedroom that you desperately want a double bed for, but it won’t quite fit? Then let us introduce you to the wonder that is a small double divan bed. What is a small double divan bed we hear you ask? Well, it is as it says on the tin, a smaller version of a double bed. To be precise a small double divan bed measure exactly 6 inches less than its double counterpart. Indeed, in a small bedroom you’d be amazed what a difference those 6 inches can make!

Pros and Cons of a Small Double Divan Bed

A lot of people that come to us are not even aware that this size of bed exists. Indeed, they often assume that if a double bed won’t fit then the only bed they can purchase is a single. Whilst a single bed has its place, a small double bed can often be a lot more useful and desirable. But, before you commit and splash the cash, we’ve got all the pros and cons of a small double bed to help you decide. To find the small double divan bed of your interior dreams, just click here.

The Pros of a Small Double Divan Bed.

It’s always nice to start with the positives! So here are our top reasons why you might consider a one of these petite double beds.

Pros and Cons of a Small Double Divan Bed
  1. Because they are 6 inches narrower than a double bed you can still get the benefits of a double bed without worrying about it dominating the room.
  2. Ideal for guest bedrooms where you might need a double bed for visitors.
  3. The perfect ‘grown up’ bed for aspiring young adults. If your child desperately wants a double bed but doesn’t have the space then a small double divan bed could be just the ticket.
  4. Great for making a bedroom look larger than it is. Most people can’t tell the difference between a small double and a double bed. Therefore, seeing a bed that appears to be a double can fool your eye into thinking a room is bigger than it is. Indeed, this is often a trick employed by interior designers of show homes.
  5. Divan beds are the most compact style of bed. This means you get maximum amount of sleeping space with minimal footprint. This in contrast to a framed small double bed that could be significantly larger than 4 ft.
  6. All our small double divan beds are available in an impressive range of styles, fabric, and colours. From modern to traditional and everything in between, we’ve got it covered.
  7. All our small double divan beds can be customised with storage which makes them practical too. You can choose from either drawers or ottoman storage depending on your needs.

The Cons of a Small Double Divan Bed.

As with everything there are a few cons to small double divan beds and should be taken into consideration.

Pros and Cons of a Small Double Divan Bed
  1. Not ideal for a couple on a permanent basis. We always recommend getting the biggest bed you can comfortably fit into a bedroom if you have two people sharing a bed. This is because having more individual space has a positive impact on sleep.
  2. All small double divan beds are delivered partially assembled. They come as two boxed bases. Therefore, if you need to get a bed into an awkward space such as loft then there is a possibility it won’t be fit.

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