Upholstered Ottoman Beds: 5 Reasons Why You Need One.

April 01, 2022

Upholstered Ottoman Beds

Upholstered Ottoman Beds for Beauty and Practicality.

Do you want a bed that looks stunning but is practical at the same time? Then your search stops here! Say hello to our impressive range of upholstered ottoman beds. When it comes to style and storage capacity you can’t beat our upholstered ottoman beds. Indeed, over the years we’ve recognised the increasing demand for these multi-functional beds.  As a result, we’ve worked our little bed socks off to bring you the most versatile range of upholstered ottoman beds. However, is an upholstered ottoman bed right for you? Here are our top 5 reasons why one of these fabulous beds might be the right one for you. For our full and glorious range of upholstered beds just click here.

Upholstered Ottoman Beds.

1. Striking Good Looks.

We don’t mind saying so ourselves, but our upholstered ottoman beds are a good-looking bunch.  Indeed, these beds are no shrinking violets and are designed to take centre stage. Indeed, an upholstered ottoman bed is great way of introducing texture and colour into your bedroom. What’s more, our upholstered ottoman beds come in a colossal range of styles.  From Art Deco to hotel chic these beds nail it. We’d bet a pretty penny that we’ve got an upholstered bed that’s just right for your bedroom.

Upholstered Ottoman Bed

2. Available In a Multitude of Colours.

An upholstered bed is a fantastic way introducing colour into your bedroom and the options are huge. In fact, our upholstered beds are available in more colours than Joseph’s technicolor dreamcoat.  We have everything from soothing creams, to muted greys and vibrant ochres.

Upholstered Ottoman Beds

3. Wide Range of Fabrics.

Texture is a great way of influencing the ambience of a space.  For example, certain materials such as velvet can help to add a feeling of opulence and glamour to space. Or if you like the homely and welcoming feeling of cottagecore then a herringbone fabric might be more fitting.  This why we have endeavored to offer our upholstered ottoman beds in wide range of different fabrics. What’s more, we offer a free sample service so you can see exactly what a fabric would like in your designated space.

Upholstered Ottoman Beds

4. Super Comfortable.

We believe that the perfect bed should be like a warm and comforting hug. After all your bedroom should be a space that you feel completely safe and at ease. Indeed, our upholstered ottoman beds are the epitome of comfort.  What’s more, if you like to spend some R & R chilling then you won’t get a more comfortable option.

Upholstered Ottoman Beds

5. Maximum Storage.

Last but by no means least our upholstered ottoman beds offer a humongous amount of storage. In fact, they can offer up to 5 times the amount of storage as a standard 4 drawer divan. Our upholstered ottoman beds provide such an impressive amount of space because they utilise every square inch under the bed.  If you’re worried that you need impressive biceps to open these beds, then fear not as lifting was is as easy as pie. This is because our upholstered ottoman beds feature hydraulic pistons, the same as can be found on your car boot, that makes lifting these beds a doddle. To read more about the benefits of ottoman beds, just click here.

Upholstered Ottoman Beds

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