Take a look at our bed buying guide for helpful tips when buying your bed.

Bed Buying Essentials

The simplest answer is the biggest you can get in your room. The bigger the bed, the more space you have to really stretch your limbs out and not be
disturbed by any other being in the bed, thus having the best night’s sleep possible. Remember the size listed is always the size of the mattress, the bed's external measurements may be bigger than this especially on a bedstead.

With hundreds of beds to choose from this can be quite confusing. A few things to consider are the decor in your bedroom, whether you require storage and the quality of the beds you are looking at. You also need to consider access to your bedroom. Bedsteads are flat pack but some of their headboards are quite tall & divan beds come in larger pieces, will these get up your stairs to your bedroom.

It has to be said that Goldilocks was a smart girl and her way of thinking works perfectly when choosing a mattress. You do not want a mattress that is too soft or one that is too firm, you want one that is just right for you! If you are like Papa bear and carrying a bit of weight, a firmer mattress may last longer and be more supportive.

As well as your weight, the feel of the mattress you select can be determined by what your body has been used to. As long as you have been happy with the firmness of previous mattresses and you do not have any health issues being hindered by the firmness then this is a good gauge.

Here at Beds on Legs we find the most popular feel is a Medium Feel. It’s not too soft and not too firm and will suit most people. If you are not happy with the mattress you choose, we can come and collect it within 14 days free of charge. Please see our returns policy for details.

A divan bed acts as a platform for your mattress. They normally come as one base in a 3ft Single and 2 x bases that are clipped or screwed together in a 4ft Small Double, 4ft6 Double, 5ft King Size & 6ft Super Kingsize. You then attach a headboard to the base to finish it off. They comes in a choice of colours, storage options and headboards.

Continental Drawers are 2 small drawers in either side of the bed at the headend and 2 larger drawers either side of the bed in the foot end. This makes the drawers in the head end accessible even if you have bedside tables.

There are a few things you should take into consideration when purchasing your ottoman bed, to make sure the bed you buy is the right one for you.

Here are a few tips on what to look out for:

Sprung slatted or Boarded Mattress Base. 

The base on which the mattress sits varies on ottoman beds, you can get a sprung slatted base or a boarded mattress base.  The boarded base tends to be the better base to go for, they are sturdier and more supportive for your mattress.

However there are exceptions, for instance on our Helmsley and Coniston ottoman beds, their sprung slatted bases are reinforced with an extra support
bar under each row of sprung slats, as well as the central bar, these are therefore very sturdy. 

Internal Storage Base  

The more basic budget friendly ottoman beds do not have any internal floor, so you must place your items directly on the floor. Others like our Berlin Ottoman have a fabric floor which velcros to the side of the bed to stop any dust getting in.

The better ottoman beds have a boarded base which either sits directly on the floor or on a platform so that the boards are raised off the ground.

Gas Lift Pistons 

The strength of the gas lift piston varies on each ottoman bed.  The strength of the pistons are measured in newtons and the more basic ottoman beds are fitted with lower gauge pistons. The lower gauge pistons will not lift the weight of a heavier mattress so you must make sure that you do not buy a mattress that is too heavy for these beds.

Divan ottoman beds are very easy to lift as they have 4 pistons, 2 either side of each base and Kaydian Ottoman Beds are also easy to lift as they have a 900n pistons on a double, 1100n on a king and 1350n on a super kingsize. These ottoman beds can take the weight of the heavier mattresses and still be lifted easily.

A bed or bedstead always come with a standard year guarantee as standard. Many of our Bee's Knees beds come with a 5 year guarantee, it will state if they have this in the product description.

The guarantee on a mattress varies, please see the individual product descriptions for these. A guarantee promises a repair or replacement for a faulty item free of charge within the first year. A warranty on a mattress is a replacement for a manufacturing fault based on a sliding payment scale related to how long you have had the mattress.


The lead time for each product is on the third tab under each product image. The courier will contact you towards the end of this lead time with a delivery date. If the date is not suitable you can decline it and select another. The evening before delivery you will get a 3 hour time slot.

We do offer free UK mainland delivery to most areas, please see our delivery terms in the footer menu for exceptions.

Yes you can order over the phone if your card is registered to the delivery address. If the card is registered to a different address than where we will be delivering the order will have to be placed online for security purposes.


If you are having an issue with your bed please e-mail customersupport@bedsonlegs.co.uk with your order number, details of the issue and supporting photographs.  We will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

If you are missing fixings or instructions please contact us via e-mail at customersupport@bedsonlegs.co.uk & we will resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

If you have a divan bed with drawers from our Bee's Knees range, please check the drawers as fixings are located within them.

If you have a bedstead please make sure that missing fixings are not already screwed into the holes already and need unscrewing.

The first time you put your ottoman bed together the pistons will need breaking in. It may feel as if you are unable to close the ottoman when you first put it together but as long as the fixings are secure and your mattress is on the bed, give it a good push and it will eventually go down.