Ottoman Beds

What is an Ottoman Bed?

Ottoman beds are super clever little creations! Not only do they look stylish, the bed lifts up and the whole underneath of the ottoman bed can be used as a storage compartment. Ottoman beds are a fabulous way to increase storage space in your bedroom, whilst looking lovely at the same time and they offer 4 times as much storage space as a normal 4 drawer divan bed. Ottoman beds come with gas lift pistons which makes it easy for you to open and close them, allowing you to access everyday items easily.

... Beds on Legs have all sizes available:
Ottoman beds come with gas lift pistons that allow the ottoman to open at the end or the side of the bed.  Side Lift ottoman beds are perfect for bedrooms where the bed has to go against the wall, allowing you to store and access your items from the side.  End lift ottoman beds have great access all the way round the bed.

Beds on Legs have an extensive range of ottoman beds in both traditional and contemporary styles with hundreds of colours and fabrics to choose from.  Beds on Legs can post fabric samples out so that you can choose the perfect colour and fabric for your bedroom.

What to look for when buying an ottoman bed?

Buying an ottoman bed can be a bit confusing, here are a few tips of what to look for when buying your ottoman bed
1.  Look at the ottoman bed base. Will your mattress be sat on a sprung slatted or boarded base.
2.  Look at the internal storage floor of the ottoman bed.  Will your items be sat on the floor inside the ottoman bed or on a raised floor.  Is the floor of the ottoman storage, fabric or boarded.
3.  Look at how many gas lift pistons the ottoman bed has.  Bedstead Ottoman Beds have 2 gas lift pistons, Divan Ottoman Beds have 4. 
4.  Look at the design. Would you like a divan ottoman bed or a bedstead ottoman bed.  Would you like a fabric or wooden ottoman bed.