Looking For a Single Bed with Guest Bed?

April 09, 2022

Single Bed with Guest Bed

Single Bed with Guest bed, All Your Questions Answered. 

Do you like to host guests at your pad? Then you might be interested in a single bed with guest bed. What is a single bed with guest bed we hear you ask? In a nutshell, it’s a single bed that houses another bed beneath it. The bed below is often referred to as a trundle bed and once pulled out it effectively becomes a bed that can sleep two people. The obvious advantage of these nifty beds is that when not in use it only takes up the space of a single bed.  Yep, our single beds with guest beds are clever little creations and are great for children’s and guest bedrooms alike.  Want to find your perfect single bed with guest bed then just click here.

Single Bed with Guest Bed

What Is the Overall Width of a Single Bed with Guest Bed?

A single bed with a guest bed is essentially two beds in one. Therefore, the overall dimensions will change depending on whether it is being used as a single bed or as a ‘double’. Thus, we will start with the measurements of the main bed as this will be a permanent structure. A single bed houses a mattress that measures 90 cm x 190 cm. However, as with all framed bed, the overall dimensions will be larger than this. All our overall measurements are clearly listed on our website, and you should check each individual product that you are interested in. If space is at a premium, then we recommend that you look at our divan style guest beds.  These beds take up the least floor space because the mattress sits directly on top of the base.

Single Bed with Guest Bed

Secondly, a single bed with guest bed will be considerably wider when the trundle bed is in use. Although we commonly refer to a guest bed as being a double bed when in use, these beds are somewhat bigger than a double. As a rule, when the bed is erected it will be double the size of a single bed. For example, with the deluxe ortho bed as shown above the bed will measure 184 cm wide when both beds are in use.

Does The Trundle Bed Pull Up to The Same Height?

The answer to this is both yes and no and therefore it is advisable to read our product description before you make your decision.  Whether you want it to raise to the same height or not will depend on your requirements. For example, a lot of people chose to get a guest bed for their child and the chances are the trundle bed will only be used as a single bed when chums come for a sleepover.

Single Bed with Guest Bed

Can You Pull the Trundle Out from Both Sides?

In general, you can pull the trundle bed out from both sides. However, the day bed guest beds are the exception to the rule. Day beds are generally positioned against the wall. 

Single Bed with Guest Bed

Is the Main Bed Suitable for Every Night Use?

If you want to use your single bed with guest bed daily, then you need to select a quality mattress. All our framed guest beds come with two mattress options. Firstly, we offer premium sprung mattresses and secondly we offer memory foam mattresses.  We advise that the premium sprung mattresses are for occasional use and the memory foam mattresses are for permanent use. However, you are not restricted to these two options.  You can select any mattress from our mattress section to go on the top bed. However, there are restrictions on the depth of the mattress for the trundle bed. Therefore, this could mean that the mattresses won’t be the same depth.

Single Bed with Guest Bed

As regards our divan guest beds, these come as a complete package and all the mattresses on these beds are suitable for every night use.

Is The Trundle Base Suitable for an Adult?

A lot of people want a single bed with guest bed for couples that are visiting. However, we often get asked whether the trundle bed is suitable for an adult. The answer to that is a resounding yes! As regards to comfort, then this will be dependent on the type of mattress you select. We always recommend going with the best mattresses that your budget can stretch to.

Single Bed with Guest Bed

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