Kaydian Titan Media TV Bed Review

September 05, 2017

Kadian Titan Media TV Bed

The Titan Media TV Bedis the only choice for a super stylish, box set loving home.  Read our review to find out just how wonderful this bed is!

Titan Media TV Bed - Touch & Feel

The Titan Fabric TV Bed comes in a stunning Berwick Dark Grey fabric. Berwick is a luxurious flat weave fabric. The Dark Grey colour will add definition to the design and the space it inhabits. A fabric finish has this great ability to soften the look of a bed. With this bed having such an imposing structure, the fabric finish compliments it perfectly.

Titan Media TV Bed

Titan Fabric Media TV Bed - Quality and Build

The manufacturer of this bed is Kaydian. Kaydian is a leader in the bed industry. They are renowned for their superior quality and attention to detail. Each component is crafted and tested to ensure it can withstand the test of time. Kaydian is a member of ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative). They also have their working practices published openly on SEDEX. You can be assured of not only a tested quality supply but also the promise of a good working practice.


Titan Fabric Media TV Bed - Technical Information

The Titan TV Bed has an integrated soundbar, built in speakers that emerge from the headboard as well as a 'woofer' speaker underneath the bed! It also easily connects to blue tooth. Titan accommodates up to 42" LED TV (subject to overall TV dimensions and model port fittings). It has a remote control operated ultra slim quiet function lift mechanism. It will accommodate media boxes in the storage nook below in the side rail. Titan also has a handy pocket for your remote control.

Titan Fabric Media TV Bed - Overall Look

The Titan TV Beds has a show stopping headboard. It is an impressive 150cm tall! This simple yet striking design has a padded and quilted finish.

Titan Media TV Bed

Titan Fabric TV Bed - Assembly

The Titan Fabric Media TV Bed comes in six boxes. Each box is very heavy, it requires two people to manoeuvre and assemble. This is not a difficult bed to assemble, it is, however, time-consuming. We would gauge approx 2-3 hours are required to assemble.

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