Brighten Your Bedroom With Grey Beds

October 01, 2017

Beat The Blues With Grey Beds

If the January blues are bringing you down then brightening your bedroom could be the key to pulling you out of the dark. Imagine waking up to a vibrant room in a morning, it is the best way to start your day. Grey Beds are the perfect backdrop to make colourful decor really shine. In this post we are going to look at some fabulous grey beds and inspirational design ideas to help bring your bedroom to life.

Grey Beds


Grey Beds - Diamond Cube Ottoman Bed

Here we have the stunning Diamond Cube Ottoman Bed in Silver Grey. This Grey Bed is available in many colours including a Slate Grey finish if you are wanting a darker finish. The tall headboard also has diamond details making quite a statement. We have used pale pink accents in this image but we think you could be way more adventurous and add vibrant shades of pink and orange to really make an impact. Remember it is not just bedding and curtains that can add colour, don't overlook lighting and chairs. Sometimes a busy quilt cover and pillows can overpower a room so a colourful chair, patterned throw or playful chandelier will add a subtle and stylish pop of colour.  

Grey Beds

Grey Beds - Birlea Castello Bed

The Birlea Castello Bed pictured here in Charcoal is a wonderfully voluptuous bed. The headboard and foot board both have a chunky scroll finish which has made it a very popular choice. This Grey Bed is also available in a lighter shade of Grey to suit all tastes. We think warm shades of apricot sit beautifully against the charcoal finish. 

Grey Beds

Grey Beds - Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman Bed

The Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman Bed in Slate would make a stunning focal point in any bedroom. This Grey Bed has a towering headboard and is pictured here in Slate. The Walkworth has a spacious ottoman base perched on elegant wooden feet. We love a bit of drama and we believe this dark grey finish could be extended to other parts of the room, colourful accessories will then stand out and make quite a statement.  Click hereto view our full range of Grey Beds.

Grey Beds

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