What's New With Kaydian Beds

September 01, 2017

Brand New Kaydian Beds

The clever people at Kaydian have been busy coming up with new ways to improve there foot lift ottoman range. You may think it is hard to improve on perfection but Kaydian have been looking at every aspect of their ottoman design and have indeed developed the design once again.

Kaydian Beds

Pictured above we have the Lanchester Ottoman in Artemis Linen.

Kaydian Storage

Kaydian's main concern is to give their ottoman storage beds as much storage space as possible. The Walkworth Ottoman, Accent Ottoman, Brunswick Ottoman, Lanchester Ottoman and Allendale Ottoman beds now have a deeper storage depth. Due to the new mechanism's shape, the side rails are deeper creating a greater storage area.



Pictured above we have the Walkworth Ottoman in Silver Crushed Velvet.

Kaydian Space Savers

All of Kaydian's low foot end models are now slightly shorter in length. The base boards sit on top of the foot end just like they sit on the siderails. This is a fabulous space saving feature which makes these beds suitable for a greater range of bedroom spaces.



Pictured above we have the Accent Ottoman in Oatmeal.

Premium Pistons

The pistons are now positioned closer to 90 degrees rather than 45 degrees. This means they are pushing the base up and down, rather than at an angle making them easier to lift and close.

Kaydian Beds


Pictured above we have the Lanchester Ottoman in Artemis Elephant Grey.

Dual Lifting Straps

The Ottoman Beds now have two straps to lift the base open. As well as encouraging the use of two hands it also spreads the weight between the two straps and the ottoman opens easily.


Pictured above we have the Allendale Ottoman in Smoke Grey.

These new changes took affect late 2016 and will filter through over the coming months.

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