Looking For A Single Ottoman Bed?

April 26, 2021

Solve Your Storage Issues With A Single Ottoman Bed

Have you got a child with more bits and bobs than a curiosity shop? Is their bedroom is starting to look like a store room? Then you may want to consider in investing in a single Ottoman bed. Without a doubt, if you’re sick of not being able to see their bedroom floor then a single Ottoman bed could be a game changer. Indeed, the ingenious thing with a single Ottoman bed is that it uses all the space under the bed. Plus, as it is all contained within a sealed unit you can pretend that it’s all placed there neatly. As the saying goes, ‘out of sight, out of mind’!  Read on for a few examples of our single Ottoman beds. Please note that the first two  beds are pictured in a double and not a single. If you’re looking to purchase a single Ottoman bed then just click here


Single Ottoman Bed – The Love Sleep Essential Ottoman Bed 

The Love Sleep Essential Ottoman bed has become a firm favourite in households across the nation. This is thanks to its simple good looks, it compact frame size and range of fabrics. What’s more, starting at just £280.00 for a side lift Ottoman it’s affordable too.  Furthermore, the base is cladded out fully so all your prized possessions can be kept securely hidden away.  Indeed, its clean and unfussy headboard means that it suitable for all interiors alike from modern to traditional and everything in between.  We also offer a swatch sample which means you don’t have to commit to a fabric without seeing and feeling it first. 

Single Ottoman Bed


Single Ottoman Bed – Goldfinch Ottoman Bed 


Manufactured to an impeccable standard the Goldfinch is a great piece for those looking for more of a statement bed.  Indeed, the chesterfield styled headboard adds an elegant touch to this modern classic. This bed is particularly popular with young adults and teenagers who are looking to add a little to flair to their bedroom. Furthermore, the Goldfinch is available in 5 different plush velvet fabrics. For those looking for a neutral shade then the steel plush velvet should fit the bill. Or if you’re looking to inject a pop of colour into your bedroom then you might consider the navy,ochre,teal  or blush. Whichever colour you decide on we’ll bet our bottom dollar that you’ll be chuffed with your new bed. 

Single Ottoman Bed


Single Ottoman Bed – Love Sleep Single White Ottoman Bed 


Whilst we do have a soft spot for our fabric bed collection we recognise that not everyone want an upholstered bed.  Even though these beds are easy to clean, some people still worry about possible marking. Indeed, this is particularly true when children are involved! Therefore, let us introduce you to the Love Sleep single white Ottoman bed.  Crafted from solid hardwood and finished in a white laquer this is the ideal bed for those who want something robust and wipe able. What’s more its paneled headboard lends itself beautiful to Scandi and modern styling.  As with all our Ottoman beds, this lovely little number comes equipped with hydraulic arms make access as easy as pie. 


Single Ottoman Bed

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