Looking For A Small Double Blue Bed?

April 27, 2021

Add Some Colour With A Small Double Blue Bed

If you're looking for a colourful small double bed then you may be thinking about purchasing a small double blue bed. Indeed, blue can be a deeply calming colour as it is associated with the sky and and the sea. When used in a bedroom it can help to create a relaxing vibe. Let's be honest if you need any one room to be your chill out zone, then it should be your bedroom! Furthermore, blue can combined with a variety of materials and colours to change the ambiance. For rustic charm you can pair your small double blue bed with oak or pine furniture. Or if you want to channel a more sophisticated look then blue and grey go together like a dream. Here is just a small sample of the small double blue beds that we have on offer. For more design inspiration just head to our Pinterest page here

Small Double Blue Bed


Small Double Blue Bed – Love Sleep Button Divan/Ottoman


Firstly, let us start with a classic that never fails to impress. Let us introduce you to our Love Sleep Button. Without a doubt, the Button can be classed as our fail safe option. That is to say that no what bedroom this bed goes into, modern or traditional, it always looks right a home. This makes this a great investment choice as you can guarantee that it will remain current for years to come. This is thanks to it's ageless chesterfield styled headboard. What's more, the Button is available with storage too. Indeed, in a small bedroom that can be a real game changer. For those with modest storage needs the Button is available as a divan with drawers. Or if you just can't keep up with your storage needs then our Ottoman version might be in order!

Small Double Blue Bed


Small Double Blue Bed - Loxley Ottoman Bed


If you're on the hunt for a small double blue bed that won't dominate your bedroom then you need to take a peek at our Loxley. Indeed, the Loxley features a headboard that only measures 117 cm. This makes it the prefect solution if your bedroom is of small proportions. What's more the Loxley doesn't fit flush to the floor as it sits on 4 elegant wooden feet. This can help to give the illusion of more space as seeing the entire flooring can trick the eye. However, the Loxley isn't just a lovely looking bed. Oh no, the Loxley also features Ottoman storage which can help to keep your bedroom prim and proper.

Small Double Blue Bed


Small Double Blue Bed – Love Sleep Palermo Bed


Just because you want a small double blue bed shouldn't mean that you have to sacrifice on grandeur. Let us introduce you to our luscious Palermo bed. Let's be honest, when it comes to beds you can't have much more of a statement bed than a sleigh! Indeed, a sleigh bed is a great way of introducing some glitz and glamour into your bedroom. Slipping into a sleigh bed on the night can make you feel like royalty. What's more the Palermo comes with the option of storage making it practical to boot.

Small Double Blue Bed

Not seen a small double blue bed that you like? You can see the rest here.

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