Chose A Small Double Divan Bed From Beds On Legs

April 18, 2021

Small Double Divan Bed

On The Prowl For A Small Double Divan Bed?

If you're in the market for a small double divan bed then you've come to the right place. Here at Beds On Legs we have a boatload of small double divan beds for you to feast your eyes on. Indeed if you're short on space and a single bed doesn't cut the mustard, then a small double divan bed might be just the trick. What's more, the way that small double divan beds are constructed means that they take up the least amount of space possible. This is because the mattress sits directly on top of the base. And if you think that divan beds are old fashioned then you need to think again. Modern day divans are a far cry from those that your grandparents had! Indeed, the latest divans on the market are items of style and beauty. Furthermore all our divans have storage options too, which makes them a winner in our book. You can view all our small double divans here.

Small Double Divan Bed

Small Double Divan Bed – 'Mini' Love Sleep Willow Divan


The Willow divan has to be one of our best selling small double divans. This is in part do to is simple and clean looking headboard. The vertical stitching gives this bed a contemporary look for those who love a fresh modern bedroom. Furthermore, it's available in a huge array of colours from classic grey to vibrant ochre. As with all our divans the Willow is available with up to four drawers making your storage woes a thing of the past.

Small Double Divan Bed


Small Double Divan Bed – 'Mini' Love Sleep Button Divan


For those who prefer something that is a little more traditional then the Button could be right up your street. Indeed, it's chesterfield styled headboard gives this bed a timeless feel and will never go out of fashion. Whilst this bed does have a more traditional vibe it can also work well in a contemporary setting. The fact that the headboard only measures between 115 cm and 127 cm means that this bed won't dominate the bedroom. Therefore making it more suitable for compact spaces. Once again we offer this bed in 18 different fabrics for you to chose from. We can even send you out fabric samples so can can get just the colour and texture you're looking for!

Small Double Divan Bed


Small Double Divan Bed – Bees Knees Makayla Divan


When it comes to divans we happen to think that the Makayla is a real show stopper. It's curved headboard gives this bed a softer appeal and the horizontal stitching gives this bed a retro look. If you have a eye for mid century furniture then we think the Makayla would fit in perfectly. What's more the Makayla can be ordered in a whopping 28 different fabrics. From Ivy herringbone to burnt orange and plush velvet platinum we've got it covered. Indeed all our fabric are equally as lush. The only difficult part is choosing which fabric to have!

Small Double Divan Bed

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