How To Style A Green Fabric Bed.

February 05, 2022

Green Fabric Bed

How To Style Your Green Fabric Bed.

Looking for a green fabric bed? Then you’re in the right spot! Here at Beds on Legs we’ve got heaps of fabric beds in all every colour of the rainbow and that includes the serene colour of green. Indeed, coloured fabric beds have become all the rage in the last few years as people are keen to inject colour into their bedrooms.

A green fabric bed is fantastic choice for a multitude of interiors. For example, if you want to create a botanical oasis then a green fabric bed is a great starting point. Or perhaps you want to create a jewel inspired bedroom where a green fabric bed can shine as the star of the show. Whatever your reason for choosing a green fabric bed we bet our bottom dollar that we’ve got a bed that’s right for you.  Here’s our top tips on how to incorporate a green fabric bed into your bedroom. To find your green fabric bed click here.

Green Fabric Bed


Go Botanical with A Green Fabric Bed

Green is synonymous with nature; therefore, a green fabric bed is perfect for creating a botanical boudoir.  We’re thinking a calming boho oasis that incorporates lots of floral and fauna. In this setting ivory or off white is best suited to the walls. However, a floral wallpaper or mural can also create a statement wall for your green fabric bed to stand against.

As regards furniture and accessories you should be looking to incorporate rattan pieces and lots of natural textures. For example, you could place a woven wool throw at the bottom of the bed and some textured cushions for decoration at the head end. 

Last but by no means least don’t forget to incorporate loads of luscious foliage plants.  When it comes to a botanical bedroom and plants more is more! Furthermore, don’t be afraid to use a big leaved plant such as a monstera as this can really add to the feeling of being immersed in nature.

Green Fabric Bed

Pink and Green Should Never Be Seen? Think Again!

It used to be a cardinal sin mixing green and pink together. However, this look really rocks in both a contemporary and traditional setting. Indeed, pink and green works in gardens so why shouldn’t it work in the home?

If you’re feeling a little apprehensive you can keep the walls neutral and introduce pink into your soft furnishings. However, if you’re ready to go bold then a green fabric bed will pop against a pink wall whether it is wallpapered or painted. What’s more, introducing a green fabric bed into a pink bedroom can help to make it feel less girly, sassier and more grown up.

Green Fabric Bed


Jewel Inspired Bedroom with a Green Fabric Bed.

A green fabric bed is great place to start if you adore rich jewel tones.  If you want a jewel inspired bedroom then you need to create glamorous space to kick back in and relax. Indeed, a jewel inspired bedroom is all about luxury and indulgence.

Alongside your green fabric bed you should aim to combine it with jewel tones of either navy, ochre or magenta. It would be best to keep to a palette of three to avoid being overwhelmed by colour.  Furthermore, if you want a jewel inspired bedroom then velvets and other luxurious fabric are a must.

To complete your jewel inspired bedroom you just incorporate gold accessories such as a gold bedside lamps and ornaments. Ooh we can sense the decadence from here!

Green Fabric Bed

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