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  • Is It Time For a Sleep Divorce?

    February 08, 2022

    Sleep Divorce

    Is It Time For a Sleep Divorce?

    Has the time come for you and your significant other to have a sleep divorce? Before you think we’re an unromantic bunch just hear us out first. Indeed, a sleep divorce can actually be beneficial to your overall relationship. In fact, whilst it may seem a little loveless, there are lots of couples who have reported that it has made their relationship stronger.

    Sleep Divorce

    What Is a Sleep Divorce?

    So, what is a sleep divorce? In a nutshell it’s an arrangement where two people decide that they have different needs and therefore embark on different sleeping arrangements. This could mean sleeping in separate beds in the same room or even in different rooms.  

    Could a Sleep Divorce Be Right for You?

    You may be wondering why you should even have a sleep divorce. Indeed, sleeping in the same bed as a couple is deeply entrenched in our society. However, there are a number of reasons why you might want to sleep in a different bed. For example, perhaps one of you snores so badly that the house vibrates. Or maybe you have different work patterns that causes you to disturb each other. Whatever the cause, a sleep divorce could be beneficial if your sleep is being negatively affected by sharing a bed.  

    Indeed, sleep is essential for both our mental and physical well-being. In fact, we would argue that it is just as important as eating and drinking. Whilst not sharing a bed may seem hard hearted, the benefits of having better sleep could bring your relationship on in leaps and bounds. After all, being grumpy from lack of sleep isn’t much fun for both parties!

    How Do I Approach a Sleep Divorce?

    So you’ve decided you want a sleep divorce but you want to keep your relationship intact. Then implementing the following can help to keep your love life blooming.

    1. A Sleep Divorce Doesn’t Mean There Is Anything Wrong with Your Relationship.

    The biggest thing to remember is that sleeping in separate beds isn’t a symptom of a bad relationship.  Just because you’re kipping in different beds doesn’t mean that your relationship is failing. In fact, sleeping separately can strengthen your relationship. Better sleep can help you to feel more energised and therefore able to invest more in your relationship. Plus when you do get chance to snuggle it will feel even more special!

    2. Remember Different Stroke for Different Folks.

    Just because your friends and family might think it’s odd, remember it is about your needs and not theirs. If you are both happy with your sleeping arrangements, then it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks.

    3. Consider Sharing a Bed on a Part Time Basis.

    If you feel that a full on sleep divorce is a step too far then you could sleep apart on a part time basis. For example, if it’s important that you have good sleep when you’re at work then just sleep apart on a school night.

    4. Take Time to Connect.

    Many couples use their time in bed to reconnect and bond. Therefore, if you’re going to have a sleep divorce then make sure you make ample time for each other at other times. Perhaps this might be sharing a bath on a night or even just a snuggle on the sofa. Whatever you do, just remember to make each feel loved. Aww, see we are a romantic lot after all!

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