High Sleeper Beds - Space Saving Wizards

May 04, 2016

We have a fabulous range of High Sleeper Beds to share with you. This high sleeper range is appropriately named Wizard, it is a mixture of genius and magic when you consider how much storage space they provide.


Wizard High Sleeper Beds

The build of these high sleeper beds has been seriously thought out. You have ample storage and storage which most importantly is easily accessible even when you are tucked up all cozy in bed! There is nothing more annoying than realising you have left something down stairs in the middle of the night. The Wizard High Sleeper Beds have super handy storage shelves perfectly placed on the side of the sleeping area so you can house all of those essential items in a convenient place. The standard frame also includes shelves under the bed which can also be used as a desk.


Wizard 'L' Shaped bunk

The Wizard High Sleeper Beds have a variety of combinations to offer. So depending on what you need under the bed you can create a combination which will suit your needs perfectly. Here we have the Wizard 'L' Shaped bunk. This is a great option if you either have two children to a bedroom or you are expecting sleepovers. Not only do you get the extra bed but that all important storage is still there, you don't have to sacrifice one for the other! Plus with this option below you could add on the pull out desk, which will slot right in between the bed and selves when not in use.


Wizard High Sleeper Beds - Storage Heaven

Perhaps extra, extra storage is more important than an additional bed so you may wish to add storage drawers, a wardrobe or extra shelves.

Wizard Storage Station

You can be quite specific to your needs when. The desk has castors attached to the bottom which makes it super easy to push the desk in and out.

Wizard High Sleeper Beds


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