May 01, 2016 2 min read

Grey Fabric Beds We Salute You!

Here at Beds on Legs we LOVE LOVE LOVE Grey Fabric Beds. It is the colour of the moment, it goes in any setting and can adapt to any décor!

Grey Fabric Beds

Why are Grey Fabric Beds So Damn Good?

Well as we just touched on in our introduction the colour has rather magical qualities. The neutral tone makes the task of matching it to existing decor so much easier. If you are decorating your full bedroom then you can enhance upon the Grey and play with different design ideas. Grey is a fabulous back drop to set bright and punchy colours against, it makes colours and prints pop. On the other side you may wish to keep on the neural path with other shades of grey and clean crisp whites, the possibilities are endless.

Grey Fabric Beds

Chic & Oh So Stylish Grey Fabric Beds

What sort of frame are you looking for? We have contemporary, clean designs with effortless charm. We have cloud like cushioned headboards. We have Chesterfield style sleigh Grey Fabric Beds and beautiful buttoned headboards.

Grey Fabric Beds

 50 Shades Of Grey (Fabric Beds)

Sorry about the subtitle, but it fits so well with our next topic! There are endless shade of Grey to choose. We suggest you take a look at either our Pinterest board or do a little research of your own to ascertain the correct shade for you. It is surprising how much the shade will affect the look of a room. Seeing a room already decorated will not only give you ideas but it will help you zoom in on the shade you really want. You can then look at our range to find the shade of grey you have homed in on.

Grey Fabric Beds Grey Fabric BedsGrey Fabric Beds

Pinterest & Grey Fabric Beds

We get some of our best ideas from Pinterest. We love to create mood boards which show beautifully designed homes and stylish ideas. Not all of us can afford an interior designer so this is a great way to see what can be done with a bit of imagination. Why not bring out your inner artist and get creative? Here are some of our top picks that we have come across.

Grey Fabric Beds Grey Fabric Beds Grey Fabric Beds

Kaydian Quality Grey Fabric Beds

It is NOT style over substance with our Grey Fabric Beds. One of our greatest partnerships is with Kaydian Design, they are a leading supplier of fabric beds which boast superior craftsmanship that is second to none. We are able to obtain exclusive items from them which allow us to pass on generous discounts to you, our customer. One of the most unique details about Kaydian Ottoman beds is that they have floating storage bases. This means that the base is perched elegantly on wooden feet, allowing the bed to retain the shape of a classic bedstead frame.

Grey Fabric Beds

 Stylish Yet Practical Grey Beds

Proving once again you do not have to forgo practicalities for style, many of our Grey Fabric Beds have storage options. We have Grey Divan Beds and Grey Ottoman Beds with oodles of storage hidden beneath to hide all of your clutter out of the way. 

Grey Fabric Beds

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