Guest Bedroom Ideas

June 10, 2018

Guest Bedroom Ideas For Making Your Guests Welcome

If you're trying to create an inviting place for family and friends to stay then we've got some great guest bedroom ideas. We also have some fabulous tips for making your guests feel so welcome that they won't want to leave! When looking at guest bedroom ideas there are a multitude of options available to you. From guest beds that comprise of a single bed and trundle bed, to a small double bed that gives you that little extra floor space, there is a bed suitable for your home. The main aim of your guest bedroom should be to make your guests feel at home, even if they're miles away from theirs. Once your guest bedroom is complete, the only thing left to do is decide who to invite, but be warned they may just want to stay!

Guest Bedroom Ideas

The Guest Bed

If your space is limited and you want to maximise your sleeping space then the guest bed has to be a top contender. This bed only takes up the space of a single space when not in use and houses a trundle bed beneath it. This can be pulled out and used either alongside the main bed or put in an entirely different room if you wish. Available in fabric, wood and metal these smart beds can suit a multitude of interiors.

guest bedroom ideas


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The Day Bed with Trundle

You've heard of robots in disguise, well the day bed with trundle is a guest bed in disguise. By day it looks like a standard day bed, used as an extra seating place and by night it is transformed into a sleeping space for two people. Like the guest bed, the day bed with trundle is a space efficient option.

guest bedroom ideas

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The Small Double Bed

If you prefer the look of a standard bed but still want to gain some valuable floor space, then the small double bed might be just the one to get you out of a quandary. Six inches smaller in width, you'd be amazed at how much difference this can make. The small double bed is also a great way of making a bedroom look larger. In fact, it is often a trick that is employed by interior designers when decorating show homes.

guest bedroom ideas

As you can see there are lots of options available when decorating your guest bedroom. However, if space permits you may still want to use a standard double bed and in this case our web store is your oyster.

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Guest Bedroom Ideas – Decorating

When deciding on a colour scheme, we would recommend sticking to a more neutral palette. With grey showing no signs of diminishing in popularity, this would be the perfect choice for a guest bedroom. You can either layer different shades of grey for a sophisticated and calming look. Alternatively you can ring the changes with different coloured scattered cushions and soft furnishings. We have a wide selection of grey fabric beds that would look fabulous in such a scheme.


Guest Beds


When thinking about guest bedroom ideas we recommend keeping it cosy. Adding lots of layers such as throws and cushions helps to add warmth and make a room feel more homely. Whilst you don't want your guest bedroom to be barren of personality we think it's best to keep personal items such as treasured photographs to other rooms in the house. A few choice ornaments or pictures will help to add character to your bedroom whilst keeping it uncluttered at the same time.

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