Divan Beds, A New Era

August 08, 2018

4ft bed

Divan Beds, An Old Favourite Updated

Divan beds have always been a popular choice. As reliable as a good friend and practical to boot, divan beds are stalwarts of the bed world. They offer excellent value for money and are generally a more economical buy. Often synonymous with frilly valances these beds have endured a bad rap from interior gurus. However, in recent times divan beds have undertaken a makeover and are now available in a range of attractive fabrics that you will want to have on display.

The modern day divan beds

Say divan to most young buyers and they will conjure up images of a box bed covered in doily like covering, commonly known as a valance. Indeed, most fashion conscious buyers have tended to turn their trendy little noses up at the divan bed. The stodgy box bed that has little more to offer than its practicality. But things have changed. Like a butterfly, divan beds have shed their insipid like cocoons and are now the shining stars of the modern day bedroom. Available in multiple fabrics from on trend velvet greys to earthy wools there is a divan bed to suit everyone’s taste. Yes, even yours. For example, take the Fox divan pictured below. Fox by name and foxy by nature this bed is a far cry from the fusty divans of times gone by.

Divan beds Divan beds - The Fox Divan Bed

A choice of headboards

Of course what really makes divan beds a stellar choice is the multitude of headboards on offer. From the grand chesterfield styled buttoned backed headboard to the more subtle headboard of the Essential divan, pictured below, there is headboard that is right up your street. Some people even opt out of a headboard altogether or may even get something bespoke made. The options are endless and that what makes these underrated beds an exciting choice.

Divan Beds Divan Beds - Essential Divan Bed

Size matters

Where space is at a premium every inch counts and this is where divans come into their own. Their floor footprint has the same dimensions as the mattress it holds. So if you buy a double divan bed it will measure 4ft6 x 6ft3 (135cms x 190) which is the same as a double mattress. The only thing you need to take into consideration is that when adding a headboard the measurements might increase slightly. Our website has all the measurements of each bed. So if in doubt get your tape measure out!

Divan Beds Divan Beds - Dual Season Divan Bed

Extra squireling space

Divan beds also have the option of providing extra storage space. Just when you thought you might have to curb your shopping habit a solution appears in the form of the divan bed with storage! You can have the traditional drawer system which allows ample storage. Or if you really want to pull out all the stops then you could invest in a Ottoman divan bed where you could house up to four times the amount of threads.

Divan Beds Divan Beds - Love Sleep Ottoman Divan Bed

Still think divan beds are outdated and dull? We thought not. For all our wonderful divans click here

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