Guest Beds, Space Saving Solutions.

June 01, 2018

Guest beds, what are they?

A guest bed is a great solution for when space is limited. Guest beds are made up of a main bed and a trundle bed (second bed). The trundle bed slides underneath when not in use. This means that they take up a lot less room than a double bed . However, they still provide ample sleeping space for when you have friends or family over to stay.

Guest beds can often be put together to make one bed. Alternatively, they can be used as two independent beds. You can even take the trundle bed to a different room if this is desired. These type of beds are extremely popular for use in a spare bedroom or a child's bedroom.


Guest Beds for a Spare Bedroom

Love having guests but your spare bedroom is too small? This is where a guest bed comes into use! On a permanent basis a guest bed will only take up the space of a single bed. However, this type of bed has the advantage of becoming a bed suitable for two people when you employ the use of the trundle bed.


Guest Beds for Children's Bedrooms

Guest beds can also be a great idea for a child's bedroom. The main bed can be used on a nightly basis. With a choice of different designs there is guest bed that will suit any child's interior scheme. Then, when friends come for a sleepover you can simply pull out the trundle bed and hey presto you're ready for a slumber party!


Guest Bed Designs

Here at Beds On Legs we offer a wide range of designs. We have metal guest beds that are often a more economical choice. These beds are often a great choice for a child's bedroom. Wood is also a popular choice. Wood is an excellent option for those that want to purchase a bed that will stand the test of time and fashions. For those who like the traditional, you can chose a divan style guest bed and attach a headboard of your choice. We even offer upholstered guest beds for those who like to be bang on trend.



We offer a variety of mattresses to go with our guest beds. The choice of mattresses should be determined from the amount of use they are going to get and of course your budget. Here, at Beds On Legs, we always advise you purchase the best mattress you can afford. A bed is an important investment. If you pay a little bit more, we promise that the mattresses will pay you back in comfort and longevity.

With the majority of our beds we offer five different mattress options. These range from a sprung, budget option to a luxury memory pocket option. We have carefully selected this range of mattresses. This is to ensure that the depths are as such that the trundle bed will comfortably slide under the main bed.

Most people prefer to have an identical pair of mattresses. However, it is possible to have a better mattress on the top and a more budget option on the bottom. This is a popular choice if the main bed is going to be used permanently. We advise our customers to contact us directly if they would like to purchase a guest bed in this way.


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