Guest Bedroom Hack You'll Love!

August 19, 2021

Guest Bedroom Hacks

Guest Bedroom Hacks 


So, you’ve finally decided to turn that junk room into a guest bedroom. Firstly, congratulations on making that first step.  Indeed, may of us are guilty of having one room in the house that is a dumping ground for all our paraphernalia. Often, it’s the spare bedroom that draws the short straw. However, it doesn’t need to be this way! With out guest bedroom hacks, you can turn a once unloved space into a place of beauty. Follow our top tips and you’ll soon have all your friends and family scrambling to have a night or two at yours.  


Guest Bedroom Hacks

Guest Bedroom Hacks – Invest in A Sofa Bed 

Is it a sofa? Is it a bed? No, it’s sofa bed! Without a doubt, a sofa bed can be the perfect solution for a small guest bedroom where you don’t want a bed to dominate. Firstly, when not being used as a bed, a sofa bed takes up a lot less space than a bed. Secondly, a sofa bed can make a guest bedroom a more functional and usable space. For example, if you’re fed up with squabbling over the remote control you can turn your guest bedroom into a little snug to escape to. Sounds like a win win situation to us! 

Guest Bedroom Hacks


Guest Bedroom Hacks – Consider A Day Bed 

If you like the idea of a sofa bed but don’t have the budget or even don’t like the idea of converting one, then you might want to consider a day bed. The great advantage of a day bed is that it can serve as sofa by day then by night just throw a duvet and pillow on and bobs your uncle you’ve got a bed. The main disadvantage of a day bed is that you can only use it as a single bed. However, this can be overcome if you purchase a day bed with a trundle. 


Guest Bedroom Hacks

Guest Bedroom Hacks – Look at Our Small Double Beds 

If neither of the above options are appealing and you prefer a traditional set up, you might want to consider one of our small double beds.  Indeed, a small double bed is six inches narrower than a double bed and this can make all the difference if space is limited. Furthermore, if space is at a premium then we would recommend one of our divan style beds. This is because the mattress fits directly on top of the base and therefore keeps the external measurements to a minimum.  


Guest Bedroom Hacks

Guest Bedroom Hacks – Purchase A Guest Bed 

Finally, it almost goes without saying that a guest bed can be the perfect solution for a guest bedroom.  Basically, a guest bed is a single bed with a trundle bed that slides neatly under when not in use.  Then when the need arrives, you just slide the bed out and raise it up on its legs to make a double bed.  


Guest Bedroom Hacks

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