Bedtime Routine For Adults

August 24, 2021

Bedtime Routine

Bedtime Routines For Adults


Okay, so we all know how important bedtime routines are for children but do we know how important they are for adults? The answer is, probably not. Indeed, as most of us enter adulthood our sleep patterns often become a little more wayward. After all, we haven't got anyone telling us to get up the apple and pairs at bedtime! However, bedtime routines for adults are nearly as important as they are for children. We've said it before and we''ll say it again, sleep is the corner stone for good health. Without it all sorts of health problems can ensue including both physical and mental. Here, at Beds On Legs are some of our tips that you might want to try to get the bedtime routine your body will thank you for.

Bedtime Routine


Bedtime Routines For Adults – Set A Bedtime Alarm


Yep,you read that title correctly. We think it's a great idea to set a bedtime alarm. But what does this mean? As an adult it's all too easy to get bogged down in the evening and forget what time is it. Therefore, if you set a bedtime alarm at perhaps an hour or so before you go to bed you can begin your bedtime routine. Just think of it as the same thing as setting an alarm for your morning routine.

Bedtime Routine

Bedtime Routine For Adults - Turn Of All Electronic Devices


With fear of sounding repetitive, the number one things that you can do for your sleep health is to turn off all election devices. Study after endless study shows the negative impact that electronic devices can have on our sleep. So do yourself and your body a favour and disconnect at least an hour before you hit the sack.

Bedtime Routine


Bedtime Routine For Adults – Take A Warm Bath Or Shower


Nothing feels quite as good as washing away the stresses of the day with a warm bath or shower. You might think it's an old wives tale, but having a good wash down can be the perfect way to unwind. Throw in some candles and you'll feel well and truly pampered.

Bedtime Routine


Bedtime Routine For Adults – Meditate


Meditation is a great way for getting into a Zen like state. Whilst it used to be considered a bit left field, meditation has been scientifically proven to be greatly useful for body and mind. If you're unsure where to begin the downloading an app such as calm is a great place to start.

Bedtime Routine


Bedtime Routine For Adults – Get Scribbling


Another great way to help your mind unwind is by journaling at the end of the day. Indeed, you might be surprised at how useful it is to transcribe your thoughts to paper.

Bedtime Routine


Bedtime Routine For Adults – Avoid Alcohol


As much as we hate to be the party pooper. Indulging in a excessive amount of alcohol before bedtime can do more harm than good. Whilst it may feel like it's helping you to unwind, the truth is alcohol cause massive sleep disturbances.

Bedtime Routine




The bottom line is that a bedtime routine can be your first step to great health. Get yourself into a great routine and your body and mind will thank you for it.


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