Choose Beds On Legs For Upholstered Ottoman Beds

August 15, 2021

Upholstered Ottoman Beds

Upholstered Ottoman Beds for Style And Practicality

If you’re looking to inject a bit of va va voom into your bedroom, then let us introduce our range of upholstered Ottoman beds. Without a doubt our upholstered Ottoman Bed have got oodles to offer. From stunning good looks to more storage than you can ask for, these beds are a stellar option for those who want those who want their bang for their buck! What’s more, with a huge selection of styles and fabrics you’re bound to fall in love with one of our upholstered Ottoman beds. Here is just a teeny tiny selection of what we have on offer. For a peek at our full range just click here.

Upholstered Ottoman Beds


Bee’s Knees Bella Upholstered Ottoman Bed


When it comes to our upholstered Ottoman beds, the beautiful Bella comes up trumps for those looking for classic good looks. With a buttoned backed headboard and elegant wings, the Bella oozes timeless sophisticated. Indeed, if you want to invest in a bed that won’t go out of fashion then she won’t disappoint. As with most of our upholstered Ottoman beds, our Bella is available in a range of fabrics from plush velvets to more organic looking weaves.

Upholstered Ottoman Beds


Bee’s Knees Tall Adeline Upholstered Ottoman Bed


Reach for the skies with our striking Adeline Ottoman bed. Without out a doubt, if you’re looking for a bed with grandeur then you can’t go wrong. With it’s oversized headboard measuring an impressive 184 cm this bed could be a fantastic focal point in your bedroom. Furthermore, if you dig the look of hotel chic then the Adeline would be a perfect addition. For full on glamour, this striking bed looks wonderful in one of our plush velvet fabrics.

Upholstered Ottoman Beds


Sterling Ottoman Bed

If your bedroom is more compact, then you might want to consider one of our upholstered Ottoman beds with tidier proportions. For example, we have the sterling Ottoman bed that is particularly suited to more modern interiors.  With it’s clean vertical stitched headboard for added interest, this bed has understated good looks. Furthermore, it’s available in 6 gorgeous velvet fabrics to choose from too.


Upholstered Ottoman Bed

Bee’s Knees Hermine Upholstered Ottoman Bed


Another of our upholstered Ottoman beds that’s bound to become an enduring classic is the beguiling Hermine. With it’s curved headboard and buttoned backed headboard the Hermine exudes elegance. Indeed, since its launch, the Hermine has become one of our best-selling beds and it’s easy to see why!


Upholstered Ottoman Beds

Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman Bed in Velvet

If you'd love your bedroom to be a homage to all things glamorous then you’ll love our Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman bed in velvet. Upholstered in silver crushed velvet, the Walkworth is well suited to a glitzy bedroom. Furthermore, manufactured by Kaydian, you can guarantee it has been made to the highest of standards. Quality and good looks, what more can you ask for?


Upholstered Ottoman Beds

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