How To Create A Grown Up Bedroom

February 10, 2021

grown up bedroom

Creating A Grown Up Bedroom

If you want to create a grown up bedroom, then there are a few essential rules that you'll need to follow. Whilst a bedroom fit for Narnia is perfect when you're growing up, as you mature you'll probably want something a little more sex and the city. Indeed, our bedrooms tend to evolve with us. As we mature and our needs change then so should our bedrooms. Your dream bed when you were a teenager is probably not what you'd want in a grown up bedroom. That is unless you're Peter Pan of course! Here, at Beds On Legs we've drawn up a guide on how to create a grown up bedroom that you'd be proud to show your Insta family.

Grown Up Bedroom

Invest In A Luxury Bedroom

Nothing says grown up bedroom more than a luxury bed. Of course the type of bed you want will be dependent on your taste. However, becoming increasingly popular are our upholstered beds. Indeed, when it comes to glamour, these beds really know how to pack a punch. Not only do upholstered beds make a bold statement but they feel good to touch too. Indeed, their tactile qualities can help to create a sanctuary in your bedroom. What's more, upholstered beds are available in numerous styles and colourways. This means design possibilities are almost endless. Want a dusty pink bed with a buttoned backed headboard? No problem. Fancy a navy velvet bed with an over sized headboard? Then we have the bed just for you! Without a doubt, the surge of fabric beds has meant that designing a grown up bedroom has just got a whole lot more exciting.

Grown Up Bedroom

Dress Your Windows Like A Pro

Your window dressing can make or break your bedroom design. Most importantly you need to make sure that the colours in your curtains or blinds tie in with your overall colour scheme. If you need some inspiration on what colours blend with each other then you might want to study the colour wheel. If your budget allows then made to measure curtains or blinds are your best option. This means that your window dressings will fit perfectly. If you want a modern look then blinds offer a more streamlined look. However, if you want traditional glamour then floor skimming curtains are a must.


Keep Clutter To A Minimum

If you want to create a grown up bedroom then keeping clutter to a minimum is a must. This means that you need to make sure that everything in your bedroom is either stored away or on display because of its decorative qualities. Children tend to have lots of mementos on display. However, if you want to create a grown up bedroom then you should only have a select few decorative items.

Grown Up Bedroom

Dress Your Bed With Layers And Cushions

Dressing your bed with layers is a fantastic way of ringing the changes in your bedroom. For example the addition of a chunky knit throw in winter can change the whole feel of the bedroom. What's more the addition of a few well placed cushions can really add to the feeling of grown up glamour. Furthermore, whilst it can feel tedious, making and dressing your bed every morning is also important. Indeed, getting into a freshly made bed at night can feel like a real treat at the end of a long day.


Grown Up Bedroom

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