Struggling To Sleep? These Tips Could Help You

February 10, 2021

Struggling To Sleep

Changes You Can Make If You're Struggling To Sleep

More people than ever are struggling to sleep. It is hardly surprising given the current pandemic . Routines are impacted and anxieties have risen significantly. Without a doubt, with the advent of COVID–19 people are feeling the effects mentally. Not surprisingly sleep is one area that has been hit hard. Indeed, when you're in a constant state of fight or flight, getting a restorative night's sleep can feel like a distant memory. In fact, according to the office for national statistics more than two thirds of people have reported being worried about the effects of coronavirus on their life. This is evidence of just how widespread this problem is. Struggling To Sleep Indeed, if you're struggling to sleep then this can further impact on your mental health. Most of us have experienced the odd night watching the clock ticking away. However, it is sustained sleep deprivation that causes the most damage. This in turn becomes a vicious cycle and the two start to feed into each other. However, if you adopt a few self care measures, it is possible to improve your sleep. So if you're struggling to sleep then try some of the measures below to improve your chances of visiting the land of nod.


Limit Your News Exposure.

Not surprising constant exposure to negative news can cause anxieties to increase. Whilst we know it is important to keep abreast of the news, too much can be a bad thing. Some people find that listening to the news just once a day and preferably early can help. Furthermore, you could access the news online as and when you feel well enough. However, if you're struggling to sleep then it is probably best to minimise your news exposure a few hours before you go to bed.

Cut The Caffeine

If you're struggling to sleep then you might find your dependence on caffeine increasing. However, caffeine is a stimulant and can hinder your sleep if you drink too much. As a general rule of thumb you should stop drinking caffeinated drinks at least 7 hours before you hit the sack. If this feels like a struggle then you may want to consider switching to decaffeinated beverages to trick your mind.

Stick To A Routine

When every day living is no longer 'normal' it is hardly surprising that routines slip. Before you know it you're all out of whack and your body clock is in turmoil. However, sticking to a routine can be essential if you're struggling to sleep. Therefore, it is advisable to go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time.

Drop The Technology

We've said it before and we'll say it again but technology has to be one of the modern day scourges of sleep. Study after study has shown that using technology before bedtime can have a severe impact on sleep. So if you're struggling to sleep then you need to step away from the screen.

Invest In A New Mattress

As more and more of us are struggling to sleep, now is a good time to consider whether you need a new mattress. During this entire pandemic we are proud to have been delivering new mattresses across the country. A new mattress can really benefit your sleep. Trying to get to sleep on a mattress that has seen better days can be a real struggle. In general if you have had your mattress more then 7 years then it's time to invest in a new one. For all mattresses just click here

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