How To Create A Summer Bedroom

February 10, 2021

summer bedroom

Create A Summer Bedroom

As you cast off your winter woollies and don your summer threads now is the time to create a summer bedroom. Whilst spring is the traditional time for a good turf out if you haven't had the chance then now is the perfect time. Creating a summer bedroom should be fun and it doesn't need to be expensive. A few simple updates and a flash of paint can easily transform your space into a magical summer bedroom.

Summer Bedroom

Consider Changing Your Wall Colour

Darkly painted walls have become somewhat popular over the last few years. Whilst they can be cosy in the winter months they can feel oppressive in the summer. If you want to create a summer bedroom then paler coolers are much more appropriate. Indeed, paler colours can help to make a room feel fresher. This can feel particularly welcome in the warmer summer months.

Change Your Window Coverings

Heavy curtains are excellent in winter. Not only do they help to create a welcoming cocoon but they help keep out wintry drafts too. However, if you want to create a summer bedroom then you should opt for more light weight fabrics. Floaty voiles that let summer breezes through the windows are a perfect summer bedroom window dressing.

Bring The Outside In

Without a doubt summer time is a celebration of nature. Flowers bloom in all their glory, giving the best show that nature has on offer. So if you're creating a summer bedroom then why not bring some of the outside in. If your garden is full of plants then this could mean creating a freshly picked bouquet of flowers for the bedside table. However, if you don't have flowers to pick then why not introduce some houseplants to your bedroom. It's amazing how a bit of green foliage can transform the atmosphere of any interior space.

Change Your Bedding

One of the easiest ways to create a summer bedroom is by changing your bedding, Without a doubt the first place you should start is with your duvet. If you didn't know already duvets come in various thicknesses, otherwise know as togs. In the summer months it is preferable to have a thinner duvet as this can help you keep cool in the hotter months.

Once you have changed your duvet you may want to consider changing your bed covers and bed accessories. Again to create a summer bedroom you should look to pick cooler and fresher colours. Even if you keeps your walls in darker shades then changing your bedding can really help to lift your bedroom.


Creating a summer bedroom is not as difficult as it may first appear. Furthermore, it doesn't have to cost the earth either. Indeed, once you have made the initial investment you can also make the changes on a yearly basis. If you want some design inspiration then when not visit our Pinterest page.

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