Divan Guest Beds, The Space Saving Heroes

February 02, 2019

Divan Guest Beds

Get Extra Sleeping Space with Divan Guest Beds

Divan guest beds are fantastic space saving solutions that could provide you with all the extra sleeping space that you need. Divan guest beds are indeed a clever bit of design. When not in use the bed only takes up the space of a single. This is because the guest bed tucks neatly under the main bed. This makes these types of beds the perfect solution where space is in short supply. Divan guest beds are perfect for guest bedrooms and children's bedrooms alike.

In the past divan guest beds had a reputation as being dowdy and boring in terms of style. However, manufacturers have worked hard to revamp these practical little numbers. Many of our divan guest beds are upholstered in stylish fabrics that are designed to be seen in all their glamour. Here is our top selection for your perusal.

Deluxe Ortho Sleep Guest Bed

This wonderful bed is handmade by skilled craftsmen in Yorkshire. The superb attention to detail is obvious. Currently available in 14 different fabrics from fashionable greys to dependable beige. The Ortho mattresses have a firm feel making them the ideal choice for those whose sleep better on a harder mattress. The other advantage of this bed is that you can pay extra to have the mattresses zipped. This is perfect if you intend to use the bed as a double as opposed to two singles.

Deluxe Pocket Sleep Guest Bed

When it comes to comfort this bed comes up trumps. The mattresses on this bed are so good that we would highly recommend them for permanent sleeping arrangements. Indeed this bed would be ideal for a young child or teenager who needs a good bed with the added advantage of having a pull out bed for those all important sleep overs. As with the Ortho sleep guest bed, this bed is also available in 14 different fabrics.

The Essential Visitor Guest Bed

This guest bed is the ideal bed that won't break the bank but still has lots on offer. Available in beige or dark grey, this bed would fit into a number of colour schemes. We think this bed is the ideal choice for a guest bedroom where the mattresses won't be slept on daily. As with all our divan guest beds, the beds can be used independently or as a double.

Divan Guest Beds

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