How To Achieve The Ideal Sleeping Temperature

February 07, 2019

The Ideal Sleeping Temperature, Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

When looking at the perfect sleep environment you need to pay special attention to the ideal sleeping temperature. If your bedroom feels more like a sauna and you're fighting with the covers on a nightly basis then your room is too hot. However, if your teeth are chattering and you can't get snug and warm then your bedroom is too cold. According to the sleep coucil the ideal sleeping temperature is thought to be between 16 – 18 degrees Celsius. Indeed, this is general guidance as younger and older people often require a slightly warmer environment.

My Bedroom Is Too Hot. How Do I Achieve The Ideal Sleeping Temperature?

If you're waking up in the night feeling like you've had a heavy cardio session then the chances are your sleeping environment is too hot. Indeed, a common misconception is that your bedroom should be nice and warm for a good night's kip. However, a bedroom that is too warm is one of the most common reasons for lack of sleep. In fact, our body temperature peaks at night. Hence, the ideal sleeping temperature is lower than most people think. If you are struggling to get a cool bedroom, here are some handy tips that might help:-

  • Open bedroom windows a few hours before you hit the sack

  • Consider changing duvets. You can have a lower tog duvet for summer and a thicker one for winter. Summer duvets are available in a tog as low as 1. Anything over a tog 10 is suitable for winter.

  • If temperatures are really high in the day then keeping curtains closed in the day can help.

  • If you like memory foam then consider a mattress that contains cool gel. These ingenious mattresses help you get a comfy night sleep but without the disadvantage of overheating. One such mattress is our best selling Oli mattress. You can read more about it here

My Bedroom Is Too Cool. How Do I Achieve The Ideal Sleeping Temperature?

In modern day houses and with the invention of central heating, a bedroom that is too cool is less commonplace. However, with rising gas costs you might want to dial the temperature down on the thermostat. There are a number of ways you can attain the ideal sleeping temperature without breaking the bank.

  • More is more. We mean more bed clothes, socks and blankets. Layering is the most effective way of achieving heat without much expense.

  • Use a thick duvet. Duvets can come in a range of togs. You can get duvets in togs up to 15 for that extra snugness.

  • Don't underestimate the curtains. Thick curtains are better are providing better heat retention. Whilst they may cost more initially you will reap their benefits for years to come

  • Use a hot water bottle. Placing a hot water bottle in the bed before you jump in is a cost effective way of taking the chill out. We would advise that you remove it before going to sleep. Whilst it is rare, hot water bottles can burst.

  • Get an electric blanket. These are a perfect way of warming up a bed evenly.

  • Snuggle up to your bed partner. Of all the way of achieving the perfect sleeping temperature this has to be the most fun!

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