What Is an Ottoman Bed? Everything You Need To Know

August 31, 2021

What Is An Ottoman Bed?

What Is an Ottoman Bed?


You've heard the hype, your friend has got one and so has your favourite interiors influencer, but what is an Ottoman bed exactly? Luckily for you guys when it comes to bed knowledge, here at Beds On Legs, we come up trumps! However, this article does come with a word of warning...once you know what an Ottoman bed is you might just be tempted to buy one!

What Is An Ottoman Bed


What Is An Ottoman Bed? - A Bed With Oodles Of Storage


If you're constantly hungry for more storage then you'll go potty for the amount of storage an Ottoman has. In fact, an Ottoman bed has up to four times the amount of storage as a standard four drawer drawer divan. That's a pretty impressive statistic in our book! What's more, these fabulous beds house all the storage beneath it so everything is neatly hidden away. Furthermore, Ottoman beds don't look any different from a normal divan bed. Basically, they just utilise all that wasted space underneath the bed. Without a doubt, when it comes to getting your bang for your buck you don't get any better than this not so humble bed.

What Is An Ottoman Bed


What Is An Ottoman Bed and How Do They Work?


So now you have the answer to the question 'what is an Ottoman bed?' you are probably wondering how they actually work. After all, it's all well and good having that extra storage space but how do you actually access it? In a nutshell, these beds are lift up beds. This means that you have to lift the top of the bed up as one unit. Now before you starting panicking that your biceps aren't going to cut the mustard, it's not as hard as it sounds. In fact lifting an Ottoman is so easy it's a walk in the park. This is because all our beds feature hydraulic arms which assists you with the lifting of one of these beds.

What Is An Ottoman Bed


What Does An Ottoman Bed Look Like?


As storage beds are high on practicality you might think that you have to sacrifice on looks. However, you couldn't be more wrong! Indeed, our Ottoman beds are as aesthetically pleasing as any other bed on the market. Long gone are the days of the divan with a frilly valance! Whatever style of bed that you fancy we are bound to have a bed to suit. From luxurious fabric beds, to traditional wooden beds, we've got it covered. When it comes to offering you the best selection on the market we leave no stone unturned.

What Is An Ottoman Bed?


What Is An Ottoman Bed – Takeaway


In summary, these beds are some of the best on the market. This is because they offer both style and practicality. Storage is basically hidden beneath the bed and aesthetics are not compromised. We hope that this answers all queries in regards to Ottoman beds, but if not then you can always contact us for more assistance. For all our Ottoman beds just click here.

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