How To Keep White Sheets White: Our 101 Guide

August 29, 2021

How To Keep White Sheets White


There's nothing quite like crisp white sheets to make your bedroom feel like a calm sanctuary that you can unwind in. Indeed, it's no coincidence that hotels generally stick to white sheets for that luxurious feeling. Furthermore, white sheets go with absolutely all colour schemes so it's a fail-safe option for your bedding. However, white is notoriously difficult to keep clean and looking as crisp as the day you bought it. But fear not, as here at Beds on Legs, we've got some nifty tricks to solve your bedding woes. Here are our top tips for how to keep white sheets white.

Keep White Sheets White


Avoid Stains In The First Place


Whilst we don't want to sound like a nagging parent, avoiding stains in the first place is the best place to start. This means no eating in bed and taking off make-up before you dive under the duvet. Once make-up has ended up on your bedding it can be task getting it off. Plus your skin will thank you for it! However, if you do get any mishaps then you should tend to them immediately. 


Keep Your Bedding Separate


The number one rule that you should stick to when washing is separating your bedding from the rest of your washing. This means always washing your bedding in a separate load. Even if something is off white and it sneaks into your wash then you run the risk of discolouration. Furthermore, don't overload your washing machine with all your bedding at once. You need to allow your detergents enough space to circulate around your bedding. We find the best way is to do this is by putting your duvet cover on one wash and the rest of your bedding on a second wash.


Don't Bleach


Bleach is the answer to all your prayers, right? Well actually it isn't. Whilst it might be tempting to bleach your sheets to restore their glory it's actually counterproductive. This is because bleach can actually cause fabrics to deteriorate and can turn them yellow.


Use Other Household Products To Whiten


Whilst bleach is off limits there are other household products that can be help to keep your white sheets white. Indeed, these include baking soda, vinegar and even lemon. Here's how to use each item in your wash:-


Baking Soda – This household cupboard essential has natural whitening abilities. To use it in your washing just add half a cup to your normal detergent and let the magic happen.


Lemon – Not just for eating, lemon has natural bleaching abilities without any drawbacks. This is thanks to the citric acid of the lemon. To use just add the juice of one lemon to your normal detergent and bob's your uncle.


Vinegar – Vinegar is best used as a pre soak to your wash. All you need to do is put your sheets in a bucket of hot water with half a cup of vinegar and let them sit for about an hour. Don't worry your sheets won't end up smelling like a chip shop as your normal wash will eradicate any smells.



Wash Regularly To Keep Your White Sheets White


Whilst it might seem like we are stating the obvious, regularly washing your sheets is crucial if you want to keep them looking fresh. Indeed, there's always a great debate about how regular is regular. However, we would recommend washing them once a week. Plus there's nothing quite as beautiful as collapsing in to a newly laundered bed on the night!

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