Spare Bedroom, Ideas For The Forgotten Room

February 10, 2021

Ideas For Your Spare Bedroom

The spare bedroom is often the forgotten room of the house, the one that got away. This room is often a wasted space at best and more often than not, a dumping ground. However, it doesn’t need to be that way!Spare bedrooms across the country are ripe for transforming into a purposeful space. Here, at Beds On Legs, we’ve listed a few examples to give you a little inspiration. For more ideas for your spare bedroom then why not head over to our Pinterest page.

spare bedroom

Guest Bedroom

The most obvious use for a spare bedroom is a guest bedroom. Indeed, if you like to have folks stop over then this could be the best use of space. However, guest bedrooms are generally not used regularly. Therefore, you should think carefully about your choice of bed. If your spare bedroom is on the smaller side then there are a number of options available. Firstly you could have a guest bed. This is a single bed that houses a trundle bed beneath it. When in use these two beds make up as a bed suitable for two people. Another option might be a day bed with a trundle bed. A day bed can double us a seating space making it a practical choice. Finally you might consider a sofa bed that folds out into a double bed when the need occurs.

Home Office

If you're fed up of balancing your lap top on your knee then you might want to consider converting your spare bedroom into an office. Indeed, many people are increasingly working from home and therefore a home office could be a boon in the home. The other advantage of having an home office is that it can help to separate your home and work life.

Home Gym

If you like to keep fit and pump your muscles then you could convert your spare bedroom into a gym. Once you have initially kitted it out with all the equipment you need you could potentially save thousands of ponds on gym membership. Plus you can now nail that selfie without feeling self conscious!

Rent A Room

If you have a spare bedroom that you have no use for then you might want to consider renting it out. This is a great way of supplementing your income for what essentially might be a redundant space. Furthermore, you are able to to earn up to a whopping £7500 completely tax free. There are some great website where you can advertise your room on. However, we would advise always getting references before your rent a room out to someone you don't know.

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