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February 10, 2021

Grey Fabric Bed

Nail Your Bedroom Interior With A Grey Fabric Bed

If you're looking for a grey fabric bed then you're in good company. Without a shadow of a doubt the grey fabric bed has become an icon of the modern day bedroom. In bedrooms across the country people are catching on to the idea that a grey fabric bed is nifty investment.

Grey Fabric Bed

Being neutral, this versatile coloured bed can compliment any colour scheme. Indeed, you can pair it with just about every colour you can think of. In fact you'd be hard pushed to find a colour it doesn't go with! However, some colour combos work particularly well. For example, for a feminine feel, combine grey with blush pink. Or for a monochromatic contemporary look, pair it with black and white. For some colour inspiration then why not head over to our Pinterest page. To wet your appetite here is a tiny selection of the grey beds that we have on offer.

Quinn Divan/Ottoman Bed

If you're looking for a grey fabric bed with a retro feel then the Quinn could be just the ticket. With a geometrically designed headboard this bed is perfect for an Art Deco inspired bedroom. What's more, this bed is available with various storage options, making it practical too. You can purchase this bed with drawers for easy to access storage. Or if you really want to super size your storage then selecting this bed with Ottoman storage is a must.

Grey Fabric Bed

Pietta Sleigh Divan/Ottoman Bed

The Pietta bed is a sublime choice if you're looking for a modern day classic. Indeed, who can think of more elegant bed than a chesterfield styled sleigh bed. Whilst a lot of people hanker after a sleigh bed, because of the style, a lot of people struggle to fit it into their bedrooms. The advantage of the Pietta is it's tidy proportions means that it will fit more easily into people's homes. Furthermore, this bed is available with storage, helping you to keep your bedroom tidy and clutter free.

Grey Fabric Bed

Limelight Rosa Bed

The Rosa is a classic addition to our grey fabric bed collection. With its gentle curves and buttoned back headboard it's fast becoming a best seller. Furthermore, at only £370.00 for a double bed it represents excellent value for money. With a headboard height of 123 cm this bed is ideal for bedrooms with smaller proportions as it won't overpower it.

Grey Fabric Bed

The Helmsley Winged Ottoman Bed

The Helmsley is the ideal bed for making a statement. Put this bed in your bedroom and it will to steal the show. Made and upholstered to the highest of standards this bed is built to stand the test of time. Styled with a modern winged headboard and a buttoned backed headboard this grey fabric bed is particularly suited to a contemporary interior.

Grey Fabric Bed

Barnard TV Ottoman Bed

If you want a bed that does it all then the Barnard TV bed ticks all the boxes. Not only does it look fabulous but it's got tons of hidden features. Firstly it houses Ottoman storage offering you the maximum amount of storage available. Secondly the Barnard has a an ultra slim foot board encasing a mechanised system for TV storage. And that's not all, this bed also features a handy shelf for the storage of media boxes. The only problem with this bed is that once you've got in it you won't want to get up in the morning!


Grey Fabric Bed

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