How To Create A Soothing Bedroom

February 10, 2021

soothing bedroom

Create A Soothing Bedroom

Modern living can be extremely stressful and creating a soothing bedroom can help to combat this. Without a doubt, your home can be therapy and antidote to the hectic outside world. As the saying goes every man's home is his castle. We believe that your sleeping space should be a sanctuary. A place to completely unwind and regenerate your batteries for the next day. Therefore, creating a soothing bedroom is the best place to start when you're trying to create your safe haven.

Soothing Bedroom

Start With A Neutral Background

It is a good idea to have a pale neutral background in the bedroom. If you want to add colour you can bring it in with your soft furnishings and fixtures. Whilst some people might find neutral walls uninspiring they are much better for creating a feeling of calm and stability. Furthermore, neutral walls are a lot more adaptable. Indeed, they allow you to ring the changes according to your mood or even the seasons.

Soothing bedroom

When talking about neutral most people think of white paint or heaven forbid magnolia. However, there is a wide range of neutrals colours. In fact pure white may even be a little stark. Particularly popular at the moment is grey and this serves as a great backdrop to a number of different colour schemes. Just make sure that you pick a grey that is pale and light. We particularly like Dulux white mist which has just just a hint of grey . You can view it here

Bring The Outdoors In

If your trying to create a soothing bedroom then you should consider bringing nature in. Indeed, nature has a wonderful calming effect that's hard to replicate. The easiest way to do this is with house plants. Furthermore you don't need to have a degree in botany to look after plants. A lot of people worry about killing plants and therefore avoid having them in the home. The biggest key to success with houseplants is to get the right plant in the first instance. If you don't have a clue where to start then a visit to a reputable garden centre is in order. Furthermore, there are certain plants that can cope better with neglect than others. Cactus for example almost thrive on lack of attention.

Soothing Bedroom

Layer Up

Another great way to create a soothing bedroom is by adding texture and layers. Indeed, a really good way of adding textures that feel good to touch is with your bed. Here at Beds On Legs we do a wide range of fabric beds that will have you feeling like your sleeping in a cocoon. You can view our full range here.


Soothing Bedroom

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