Looking For A Luxury Fabric Bed?

February 10, 2021

luxury fabric bed

Buy A Luxury Fabric Bed For A Glamorous Look.

If you're looking for a luxury fabric bed then we've got some plush little numbers that will have your eyes on stalks. In fact, here at Beds On Legs, we pride ourselves on our range of insta worthy fabric beds. If you want the Joneses to up their game then we've got just the luxury fabric bed for you. What's more we've got a whole bunch of fabric beds that's have lots to offer on the practical front too. We've got beds with drawers and if you really want to max out on storage then we've got some fabulous beds with Ottoman storage. So if your looking for a luxury fabric bed then here is just a small sample of what we have on offer.

Luxury Fabric Bed

Bees Knees Emma Divan/Ottoman Bed

If you want a luxury fabric bed that really knows how to pack a punch then look no further. Let us introduce you to the Emma bed. With its over sized headboard this luxury fabric bed is awe inspiring. In fact, this headboard is a whopping 184 cm high. Without a doubt, our Emma is no shrinking violet. Indeed, this majestic bed will make you feel like loyalty. What's more the Emma is available in numerous luxurious fabrics to fit in with your desired coloured sleep. Furthermore, this luxury fabric bed has multiple storage options making practical as well as pretty.

Luxury Fabric Bed

Sienna Curved Sleigh Bed

We can't talk about luxury beds without mentioning the Sienna Curved Sleigh Bed. This voluptuous bed has a feminine grace that is simply irresistible. What's more, this classic design will never go out of fashion, making it a smart investment piece. The Sienna is available in a number of neutral fabric colourways making it suitable for a whole host of interior schemes.

Luxury Fabric Bed

Bees Knees Jane Divan/Ottoman Bed

If you're in the market for a more retro looking fabric bed then look no further. Indeed, the Jane bed ticks all the boxes if your looking for a bed that is evocative of times gone by. The Jane exudes an edgy look that would work well in both minimalist and maximalist bedroom spaces. Again this bed is available in a variety of fabrics. This bed is particularly suited to more vibrant colourways such as plush velvet ochre or plush velvet forest green.

Luxury Fabric Bed

Limelight Rosa Bed

If your looking for a bed that is the epitome of traditional style then the Rosa bed might be just the one for you. What's more, this bed starts at just £269.99 for a double bed meaning it's an affordable bed without compromising on luxury. Furthermore, the Rosa bed pays attention to detail, featuring classical turned legs and a timeless buttoned backed headboard

Luxury Fabric Bed


If your looking for a luxury fabric bed then there are a number of available options. What's more our beds are available in every colour of the rainbow. Whether your taste is contemporary or traditional we have a bed that is destined to be a show piece in your bedroom. For more inspiration you can visit our Pinterest page here

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