Romantic Bedroom Ideas That You'll Love

July 02, 2019

Fall in Love with a Romantic Bedroom

With Valentines day on the horizon it's the perfect time to think about creating a romantic bedroom. If there is any room in where you can indulge in the whimsical then it's the bedroom. Not all romantic bedrooms have to be overtly feminine either. Indeed dark and moody colours can create a magical and dramatic space that's perfect for creating a passionate love nest. In this article we will explore the various ways you can furnish your bedroom to create a romantic bedroom that will send you weak at the knees.

Add Lots of Textures and Layers

One of the most effective ways to add romance to the bedroom is by introducing oodles of textures. Go for fabrics that beg to be felt and that stir the senses. Silks are an obvious choice and when used in bedding it has the added advantage of regulating body temperature as you sleep. Another on trend fabric that is taking the interior world by storm is velvet. In fact we specialise in velvet fabric beds such as the Sienna pictured below. A velvet fabric bed is a great starting point for creating a romantic bedroom as it is such a statement piece.

Romantic Bedroom

Layering is also crucial when creating a romantic bedroom. Think luxurious throws that you can snuggle under. Add to that heaps of cushions that you can loll around on and while away the night. You could also add a cosy rug by the side of your bed to introduce another texture.

Good Dark and Dramatic

If you're more 50 shades of Grey then Mills and Boon you might prefer to decorate with deep and dark colours. Navy blue walls can look particularly effective in the bedroom and can help to create an intimate atmosphere. Add touches of gold or brass to make the space feel even more indulgent and romantic.

Romantic Bedroom

Think Florals

Nature is full of romance so why not bring the outside in by using florals. Try using a more classic floral scheme so that your bedroom feels like a grown up space as opposed to a girly one. You can use floral wallpapers or if you prefer keep your walls neutral and bring the floral scheme in with your soft furnishings.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Get Personal and Keep Tidy

It is the personal touches that help to make a bedroom romantic. Pick things that are special to you and hold meaning. Perhaps it is a certain photograph, a gift, or a quote as a wall hanging. Whilst you don't want your bedroom to look like a room in a show house it is still advisable to keep you space clutter free. Nothing kills romance like a pile of dirty laundry on the floor!

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

If you're feeling inspired and would like some more romantic bedroom ideas then why not head over to our Pinterest board.

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