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July 03, 2019

How Sleep Effects Skin

Lack Of Sleep Effects Skin For The Worse.

Poor sleep effects skin and we don't need a scientific study to prove it either. Just look in the mirror after a night wrestling with the sheets to see how poor sleep effects skin. Indeed, there's no doubt about it, getting some serious kip benefits skin. Spending your hard earned cash on lotions and potions to get instagram worthy skin but burning the candle at both ends is futile. You're most certainly missing a trick. Lack of sleep can effect the moisture levels in your skin as well as causing inflammation. In short, you should be treating your sleep like an important beauty ritual. Getting your beauty sleep is the real deal.

sleep effects skin

How Lack of Sleep Effects Skin


Lack of sleep effects skin due to the process of inflammation. Sleep deprivation causes cortisol levels to rise. Cortisol is the stress hormone that is responsible for causing all sorts of havoc on the body. Too much cortisol causes a rise in inflammation. At best, this results in dull skin and at worst it can contribute to conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Accelerated Ageing

During deep sleep, the rise in growth hormones enables damaged cells to be repaired. Getting enough sleep is better than botox as it's natural, free of charge and makes you feel great in numerous ways.

Dry skin

Lack of sleep effects skin by causing it to dry out. This is because when you sleep your body's moisture levels are restored. Indeed sleep is nature's moisturiser. Therefore a lack of sleep means that your skin dries out and wrinkles can become more prominent.


Who hasn't complained about dark circles under the eyes after a night of disturbed sleep. If you ask people how lack of sleep effects skin then the majority of people will say that the eyes suffer. So what's the science? When you don't get sufficient sleep your blood vessels dilate and the dreaded tell tale dark circles appear. So if you want to keep your eye area looking youthful, skip the concealer and hit the sack!

How To Get Better Sleep

We've written about getting better sleep a number of times. You can read our blog here for an in-depth analysis. The takeaway from this blog can be broken down like so:-

  1. Stop caffeine a number of hours before hitting the sack.

  2. Keep your sleeping space tidy

  3. Have a technology ban at least a hour before you go to bed

  4. Read fiction and unwind the mind

  5. Use natural sleep aids such as lavender

  6. Stop the booze, it only disturbs sleep

  7. Change your mattress, an old mattress doesn't help you to sleep

For more tips on how get a better sleep then visit the Sleep Council

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