Plush Velvet Fabric Beds, Find Yours Today

October 12, 2018

Plush Velvet Fabric Beds

Irresistible Plush Velvet Fabric Beds

We love paying homage to our plush velvet fabric beds. Nothing screams opulence and splendour quite like our plush velvet fabric beds. Honestly, if there is one bed that will make you feel like you're bedroom should be on celebrity cribs, then this is the one. Our plush velvet fabric beds are the crown jewels in the world of interior design.

Plush Velvet Fabric Beds


Plush Velvet Fabric Beds - The Extroverted One

These beds are the extroverts of the bed world. There to be seen, take centre stage and to show off their beauty in all their glory. The only problem is that they're so touchy feely that you might never want to leave your bedroom again. But in our opinion, that's not necessarily a bad thing! So let us introduce you to some of our lush and plush velvet fabric beds

Plush Velvet Fabric Beds

Plush Velvet Fabric Beds - Love Sleep Pietta Sleigh Divan / Ottoman Bed

As soon as we saw this bed we dropped to our knees. So much so, that we had to lie on it for a rather long time. We won't tell you how long we stroked it for either. That would be inappropriate! What we love most about plush velvet fabric beds is how they have a depth of texture that is unrivalled by any other bed. You can get this little stunner with either drawers or Ottoman storage.

Plush Velvet Fabric Beds

Plush Velvet Fabric Beds - The Fox Ottoman

Get foxy with this little plush number. With this adorable little number you'll have the neighbours twitching their curtains with envy. Especially popular in plush velvet grey this bed is perfect for a more contemporary setting. Team it with complimentary shades of grey for a sophisticated look. Alternatively zing it up with sunshine yellows for a brighter look. If you prefer a more feminine look then blush pink works wonderfully.

Plush Velvet Fabric Beds

Plush Velvet Fabric Beds - Love Sleep Button Divan / Ottoman Bed

The enduring chesterfield styled bed that will never go out of fashion. Invest in this bed and the only regret you'll have is that you didn't purchase it sooner. The button detailing gives this bed a look of times gone by. Yet it is still enduringly popular. Available with or without storage this bed is accessible for all budgets. If space is tight and you hanker after more storage then the Ottoman bed is a no brainer. With up to four times the amount of the storage as a standard four drawer divan you could even camp out in one of these.

Plush Velvet Fabric Beds

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