New Year, New Sleep Routine

February 10, 2021

Get Better Sleep This New Year

As the new year fastly approaches you may be considering making a resolution or two. Maybe you're going to make a date with gym. Or perhaps you want to make more time for your loved ones and cut down on your work commitments. However, here at Beds On Legs we think many of us should make a resolution to get better sleep in the new year. Indeed, sleep is pivotal to health and well being. In fact, some people would argue that sleep is the most important thing for our health. Furthermore, improving sleep in the new year could help you fulfill your other new years resolution. For example, good quality sleep can have a major impact on waistlines and fitness.

New year

New Year, New Mattress

If your mattress has seen better days then now is a good time to invest in a new one. Indeed a good mattress can have a massive impact on your quality of sleep. If you would be embarrassed to show your friends your mattress then this is probably a good sign that it's time to invest! Furthermore, mattresses have a lifespan of approximately 7 years. Therefore if yours is older than this then it might be time to hit the shops. 

Tear Yourself Away From Technology

We've said it before and we will say it again.! When it comes to enhancing sleep you really need to ditch the technology a couple of hours before you hit the sack. This is because a lot of technology emits blue light which interferes with the release of the sleep enhancing hormone, melatonin.

Read A Book

If you haven't read a book in years then the new year is a good time to start. Reading before bedtime enhances sleep and helps you get off to the land of nod in no time. However, we would recommend that you read something that is soothing as opposed to exciting. The last thing you want is a book that stimulates your brain so much that you can't sleep.

Consider Using An App

Whilst using technology before bed is generally frowned up on, you could put it to use by investing in an app. There are hundreds of apps on the market that have been designed to help you fall asleep. Indeed, these apps use everything from meditation to restful noises.

Cut The Booze

Dry January has been on the go for some time now and if you haven't already signed up then you should consider it. After the excesses of the festive season many of us are ready for a dry month. Giving up alcohol for a month not only helps your health but could have a real impact on your sleep. This is because alcohol interferes with restorative sleep . Whilst you might feel like it helps get you off to the land of nod, the sleep you get is often broken. Having a break for a month can also help you form new habits.

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