Sleep Hacks For Winter: Read Our Guide Here

February 10, 2021

Sleep Hacks For Winter

Are you looking for sleep hacks for winter? Then you've come to the right place! Because here at Beds On Legs we love all things sleep related. Indeed, as the nights get colder and darker many of us need to implement sleep hacks to get the best kip we can get. And that's not all, many of us need a helping hand getting out of bed in the morning. Sometimes nothing can feel harder than getting out of a cosy bed when it is still dark and dank outside.

However, the good news is that whilst we might be a little colder and less cheery , a lot of people sleep better in winter. This is mainly due to the fact that the sun sets earlier which effects the release of melatonin . Melatonin is one of the hormones that helps us to feel sleepy and ready for the land of nod. Here are our top sleep hacks to get the best night's snooze in winter.

Sleep Hacks

Keep Your Bedroom Temperature Between 18 – 21C

When the air outside is biting it can be tempting to hammer the central heating. However, sleeping in a bedroom that is too hot is not conducive to good sleep. This is because your body's core needs to experience a drop in temperature to initiate sleep. If the thought of having a cool bedroom sends shivers down your spine then consider layering up with blankets. If you use layers then it can make it easier to adjust to a cooler temperature. Indeed, as you find yourself warming up you can just remove the layers. However, we advise making sure that your heating is set to come on half an hour or so before you get up. This will help you to feel less reluctant getting out of a toasty bed in the morning.

Keep Drafts At Bay

One of our sleep hacks for winter has to be about avoiding drafts. This means keeping windows and doors closed . If you don't have double glazing then you really should try and invest in some heavy duty curtains. Some people even swop their curtains between the seasons. Furthermore, you can buy curtains that have thermal lining for that extra protection. If you prefer to have a breeze then open windows just a little and make sure they can't be blow open by gusty winter winds.

Resist The Sofa Snooze

Most people tend to feel a little more lethargic in winter. Indeed, at this time of the year the sofa can have an overwhelming appeal. Whilst you might think that a snooze on the couch is a good thing the opposite is often true. This is because any napping might interfere with your night time routine, making it harder to drift off to the land of nod. Moreover, you might find yourself in a vicious cycle of not sleeping well at night then snoozing on the couch for hours at time. Therefore you end up with non restorative and broken sleep.

Get A Wake Up Alarm Clock

Getting up on a winters morning can be a real struggle. Unfortunately many of us need to get up before it gets light in the morning. A wake up alarm clock can be extremely useful here. This is because they omit light that simulates natural day light. In turn, this wakes you up gently and helps you feel ready for the day ahead. For a low down on the best wake up alarm clocks then read this article.

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