Botanical Bedrooms, Inviting Nature In.

February 10, 2021

Natured Inspired Botanical Bedrooms

Spring has finally arrived and we're going barmy for botanical bedrooms. Leaf and botanical prints have become a massive trend and show no signs of losing popularity. As more of us try to create an oasis of calm we are turning to nature to inspire our home interiors. What's more, house plants are are having a resurgence in popularity as more of us head to the garden centre for our latest must buy. The great outdoors is well known for its restorative effects and so in a fast paced world it is easy to see why many of us are lusting after botanical bedrooms.

Getting It Right With Patterns In Botanical Bedrooms

It can feel quite daunting using botanical prints in the bedroom. Your aim is to create a sense of tranquillity and unity as you would expect to find in nature. Our top tip for creating this is not to mix leaf prints. In other words, do not use leaf prints that would not be bed partners in the natural world. If you want to create a tropical feel then stick to palm leafs, banana leafs and cacti. If you desire a woodland or country vibe then it is best to stick to different forms of fern prints.

Botanical Bedrooms

Using Plants In Botanical Bedrooms.

No blog would be complete with a section on the real deal. Yes we are talking living and breathing plants. We know you can get artificial plants that are supposed to look like the real thing. However we think with a little bit of knowledge you'll be boasting to your pals about your green fingers in no time. Most house plants only need a little bit of care, watering once a week and a little bit of food in the growing season. If you're a little bit haphazard on watering then you can always stick with Cacti. They are the most forgiving of plants being that they can survive in the depths of the desert.

Botanical Bedrooms

Beds To Use In Botanical Bedrooms

What theme you are going for will determine what bed would suit your needs the best. If you are creating a tropical inspired bedroom then a rose gold bed, like the Saturn pictured, would look divine. You could team this with rose gold accessories, such as lamp tables for a cohesive look. You could also use fabric beds perhaps opting for bright and zingy colours such as flaming hot pinks and zesty lime greens.



Botanical Bedrooms

If you are going for more of county feel then a wooden bed would of course be a natural choice. However you could also use a fabric bed in natural fabric that would add an earthy feel in a botanical bedroom

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