Sleep Well, Feel Well.

February 10, 2021

Sleep Well

How To Sleep Well.

The million dollar question when it comes to the land of nod has to be how to get a good night's sleep. The internet has an abundance of tips and tricks on how to get a good kip. With so much advice out there it's easy to feel overwhelmed, adding to the anxiety that sleep deprivation is already causing. So we've compiled an easy list of all the things that could help you get catch some serious zzz's.

sleep well

Smartphones And Other Wondrous Electronic Devices.

If you are wondering on how to sleep well then one of the habits you have to examine is your use of technology. Being glued to our mobile phones is a modern day scourge. Many of us admit to going to bed with our phones and staring at the little screen into the small hours of the night. However, the blue light emitted from our phones can interfere with our internal body clocks. So if you're surgically attached to your phone but can't get to sleep then it might be worth trying to kick the bedtime habit.

Sleep At Regular Time For Marathon Kips.

Humans are creatures of routines. When we keep our bedtime routines regular our bodies will thank us for it. Try not to sleep in on your days off as this can disturb the cycle. Difficult to do we know, but when your reaping the benefits of regular sleep you'll be glad of this habit.

Keep Your Bedroom Cool And Dark

To sleep well it's important to create the right environment. It is tempting to have your bedroom cosy warm, especially in the depths of winter. However the sleep council recommend keeping your bedroom at an ambient temperature of 16-18 Celsius. You will soon warm up when you're snuggled under the covers. Furthermore, in order to get a good night's sleep you should be thinking pitch black in the bedroom. That mean thick curtains and even an eye mask if you need one.

The Perfect Mattress

Getting the perfect mattress is crucial if you want to get a good nights sleep. If your mattress is lumpy and bumpy then your are going to struggle in the old slumber department. Always pay as much as you can afford. Scrimping on your mattress will make your body pay the price in the long run. 


What you eat and drink can have a huge impact on sleep. In particular it can be tempting to have an alcoholic drink in the attempt to get a good nights sleep. Many of us falsely believe that this is perfect antidote to restlessness. However, a nightly tipple may help you get off to sleep but the quality will be greatly reduced and you may well wake up still feel exhausted.

See The Doctor.

If you've tried everything on this list amongst other sound advice and are still struggling to sleep well, then a trip to the doctors is the best thing you can do. The good news is that most people can sort their own sleeping difficulties out with just a few simple adjustments. We'll kip to that!

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