What Bedroom Colour Scheme?

February 10, 2021

What Bedroom Colour Scheme?

Choosing A Bedroom Colour Scheme.

Deciding what bedroom colour scheme to use may seem simple at first. You pick a colour you like, grab a paint brush and you're ready to rock. However, colour psychology is particularly important in the bedroom. Colour can have a massive influence on our moods. Our bedroom need to be our mini sanctuary. This means we need to consider the ways in which our bedroom colour scheme can affect our mojo and our mind.

Keeping Cool With Grey

No blog about which bedroom colour scheme to use would be complete without discussing the on trend colour of grey. In recent years grey has took the number one spot on the podium and it's here to stay. But what effect does grey have on our mood? Grey is said to be an unemotional colour, detached and impartial. It is the fence sitter of the colour family. However, because of these qualities it can have a steadying effect on the mind and create an oasis of calm. So if your life is like a whirlwind then grey is a fantastic choice for you.

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Go Serene With Green

Green has always been a popular choice in the bedroom. Its association with nature means it's calming, balancing and can restore your depleted energy. So if you're always exhausted then you should consider swapping your espresso for a soothing green bedroom colour scheme.

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Get Blushing With Pink

Pink is the obvious colour of romance. So if you want to get all Mills and Boon in the bedroom then this is a great choice for you. However pick the wrong pink and it might feel more like our childhood room than a grown up space. Blush pink with it's underlying beige tones gives a sophisticated feel to a bedroom colour scheme. Plus it look absolutely sumptuous with on trend gold and copper accessories.

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Think Blue Hue

When choosing a bedroom colour scheme, blue has stood the test of time. This colour is a perennial favourite in the bedroom. With so many different shades to choose from you can create whatever atmosphere you want. Pale blues are perfect for creating a beachy look if you are wishing to recreate that holiday feeling. Whilst navy blues are great for adding depth and intimacy in the bedroom. Move over Mr 50 shades of grey!

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Colourful Fabric Beds

A fabric bed can be a great way of using colour in the bedroom. With every colour from sophisticated grey to shocking pink you can pick a bed in a colour that will harmonise or contrast. A fabric bed can also be a great way of injecting colour in a neutral scheme. This is great if you prefer to bring colour into your bedroom through soft furnishing than through colour on the walls.

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