Natural Fabric Beds Are Making A Comeback

February 10, 2021

Natural Fabric Beds

Grey beds have been kingpin in interiors for some time, however natural fabric beds are starting to make a come back. In recent months we have seen a resurgence in the demand for natural fabric beds. This is partly due to the popular hygee trend that's all about getting your cosy on. Furthermore natural fabric beds help to create an organic interior that feels earthy and grounding. You can view all our natural fabric beds here.

Choosing Your Natural Fabric Bed

If your looking for a bed in a natural fabric then you'll find that we've got quite an impressive collection. Whether you're looking for something contemporary or traditional we've got a bed that's made for you. What's more our fabric beds come in a variety of fabrics and when it comes to choosing a bed in a natural colour then texture is key. We've got cream and beige velvet beds that add a touch of luxury. Or we have fabrics in stone weave and natural herringbone that add depth and texture to a bedroom.

Natural Fabric Beds

Furthermore, numerous of our fabric beds come with various storage options. There is the option of a traditional two of four drawer divan if you just require a little more storage. Or if you're really enthusiastic about your storage needs you could pull out all the stops with an Ottoman bed. These genius beds offer up to four times the amount of storage as a four drawer divan. Yep, storage dreams really do come true!

Styling Your Natural Fabric Bed

As natural coloured beds are neutral they are the chameleons of the interiors world. In other words they can go with any colour you want. If you like to use bold and vibrant colours then a natural colour bed can help to tone the whole scheme down. Furthermore they look equally at home in a more muted colour scheme.

If you really want to embrace the natural look then you can create a truly organic environment that's restful and restorative. The danger with a completely natural palette is that it can appear flat and lifeless. Creating a natural scheme is actually a little trickier than it might appear. The use of different fabrics, textures and tones is crucial in this colour scheme. Focus on building layers to add depth to your bedroom. Think lots of throws, cushions and voiles. You could warm the whole scheme up by adding wooden pieces of furniture.

Natural Fabric Beds

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