Pink And Green Bedrooms Hot For 2019

February 10, 2021

Pink And Green Bedrooms

The Wonderful World Of Pink And Green Bedrooms

Pink and green bedrooms are officially a thing in 2019. Interior bloggers worth their metal are praising this soothing and on trend colour combo. In fact, all you need to do is head over to Pinterest to find this fine and dandy colour combination popping up all over your feed. Indeed pink and green really should be seen! On the colour wheel pink and green are opposite each other. This means they compliment each other perfectly , making them ideal dancing partners. The high contrast of these colours creates a vibrant look and will look just as charming in a traditional or contemporary bedroom.

Pink And Green Bedrooms

Creating Pink And Green Bedrooms – Selecting The Bed

Obviously the bed is pivotal to any bedroom interior. After all, the bed tends to be the star of the show in most bedrooms. We think it's best to find the bed of your dreams first and then base the rest of your décor around it. At Beds On Legs we've got some scrumptious fabric beds that would fit the bill perfectly. For example, the Palma bed would make a fabulous focal point. What's more, a lot of our fabric beds also come as Ottoman beds providing you with oodles of storage too. With our Ottoman beds, practical just got a whole lot prettier.

Pink And Green Bedrooms

Wall Coverings For Pink And Green Bedrooms

If you like to keep your walls unfussy then painting them is an excellent choice. In order to get the right shade of paint it is advisable to get tester pots first. Indeed, paint on a wall can look quite different to its appearance on a colour chart. Whether you decide to paint your walls pink or green is entirely personal. However, if you feel nervous about this statement colour combination then it might be safer to paint your walls pink. Having said this, green walls can be quite dramatic and will give you bedroom the wow factor.

When decorating pink and green bedrooms there is also an array of wallpapers available. You might want to use wallpaper on just one feature wall and paint the other three walls in a complimentary colour. An advantage of using wallpaper is that you can lift the colours from the paper and use them in your soft furnishings. This will help to create a cohesive look.

green bedrooms

Accessories For Pink And Green Bedrooms

Gold and brass accessories are perfect for this reassuring colour scheme. Furthermore gold and brass accessories are ideal for adding a hint of opulence. Try to introduce these metals in your lighting, picture frames and ornaments. In pink and green bedrooms it is also advisable to add some neutral colours. Because green and pink is a vibrant combination, neutral colours will give the eye somewhere to rest. Just a splash of a neutral colour, such as white, is enough to break the colour scheme up.

green  bedrooms

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