Looking For a Luxury Upholstered Bed?

January 20, 2022

Luxury Upholstered Bed

Luxury Upholstered Bed


If you want to add some pizazz to your boudoir then you should consider investing in a luxury upholstered bed. Indeed, your bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place to truly unwind and cast aside the stresses of every day life. Without a doubt it makes perfect sense to make your bedroom a luxury getaway that you can escape to every night. We believe the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and your bed should reflect that.


If you're looking for a luxury upholstered bed then you've landed at the right spot. Indeed, here at Beds on Legs we've got a hearty selection of glorious fabric beds for you to chose from. Whether you're looking for a luxury upholstered bed with a modern twist or a more traditional vibe then we've got it covered. If you can't wait to search for your luxury upholstered bed then just click here now. In the meantime, here's just a sample to wet your appetite.

Bee’s Knees Hermine Upholstered Winged Divan / Ottoman Bed 

If you’re looking for a luxury upholstered bed with a timeless appeal, then no further than our stunning Hermine. With gentle curves and sophisticated button detailing the Hermine is built to impress and to last! What’s more this little beauty can be customised with storage either in the form of drawers or Ottoman storage if you want to max out. Available in 42 different fabrics you’ll be spoilt for choice too.  

Luxury Upholstered Bed

Love Sleep Button Divan / Ottoman Bed 

Our love sleep button divan is the perfect luxury upholstered bed for those who like to switch up their interiors on a regular basis. This is because the Button is perfectly suited to both modern and traditional interiors. Finished with a chesterfield style headboard you can be assured that the Button will never too. Again, this luxury fabric bed can be purchased with either drawers or Ottoman storage, making it practical too. What more could you ask for? A choice of colours? Well, we’ve nailed that too as this bed is available in 17 different fabrics and colours.  

Luxury Upholstered Bed

Sienna Curved Sleigh Bed 

Nothing says luxury quite like a classic sleigh bed. Indeed, our Sienna has some serious curve appeal! Indeed, the Sienna is particularly suited to a large bedroom. This is because it’s curved head and footboard make it longer than a lot of beds. Furthermore, because it is upholstered in a choice of luxurious fabrics it feels plush too.  

Luxury Upholstered Bed

Bee’s Knees Tall Emma Upholstered Winged Divan / Ottoman Bed  

Our Bee’s Knees Emma bed could be the one you’re looking for if you want a luxury fabric bed that will steal the show. Indeed, our Emma is no shrinking violet thanks to an oversized headboard measuring a whopping 184cm high. This impressive headboard also features button detailing which is another stand out feature. As with a lot of fabric beds the Emma is available with both drawers and Ottoman storage.  

Luxury Upholstered Bed

Bee’s Knees Sloane Upholstered Bed in Navy 

The Sloane bed is a contemporary luxury fabric bed that is popular with those who love modern interiors. Styled in an ultra-modern way the Sloane looks fabulous in a minimalist setting where you want the bed to do all the talking. Finished with sleek gold legs for an added touch of luxury. 

Luxury Upholstered Bed

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