Kids Storage Beds

February 10, 2021

We have some fabulous new Kids Storage Beds to share with you. They are all stylish and incredibly practical!

Kids Storage Beds

Parisot Swan Range - Kids Storage Beds

We have a new range called Parisot Swan were you can choose from a Mid Sleeper, Bunk Bed or Highsleeper. The Parisot Swan Midsleeper pictured below has plenty of shelves and cupboards to store items away. The mid sleeper also benefits from a pull out desk, perfect for doing home work or art projects on.

Parisot Swan Midsleeper

The Swan Parisot Highsleeper has a grown up feel about it. The roomy built in desk is good for study sessions and the shelves and hanging rail provide extra practical storage spaces. This highsleeper also benefits from wide steps for effortless and safe access to the sleeping area on top.

Swan Highsleeper

Next in the Parisot Swan range is this rather fabulous bunk bed pictured below. The panels at the back of the shelves are reversible and come in the on trend colours of Rose & Cappuccino. The actual bunk bed frame is available in either White or Arcacia. Kids storage beds don't come any more well thought out than this, every part of the space around this bunk bed is usable. You will have storage built into the stairs and a mass of shelving at the back. The shelving on the upper bunk is especially handy for those on the top bunk. You will not have to traipse down the stairs to get a drink or check your mobile.

Parisot Swan Bunk Bed

Tam Tam Bunk - Kids Storage Beds

The Tam Tam Bunk Bed is very similar to the Parisot Swan however its dimensions are a little more favourable if space is an issue.

Tam Tam Bunk Bed

Depending on the look you are going for you can create a custom look. You can choose grey back panels or reversible blue and pink ones. We think the grey panels are a brilliant option for older children. Grey is very on trend and sits stylishly against the white frame. It will compliment bold bedding colours and prints. The reversible pink and blue back boards are perfect for little ones. This is also a great option if you have brothers and sisters sharing a room, no one has to compromise on what colour is chosen!

Tam Tam Multi Bunk

Space-Up - Kids Storage Beds

We think this Space-Up Ottoman bed is a genius idea! It is so so practical for those who need as much storage as possible as well as a grown up feel. The Space-Up Ottoman bed has shelving on the outside and then oodles of storage within!

Space-Up Bed

The bed opens easily with the use of the gas struts. You access the under part of the bed via the little magnetic door at the end.

Kids Storage Beds

Just look at all that fabulous storage on offer. The drawers and shelving will keep everything organised and readily available. Standard ottomans do not offer this much depth of space!

Kids Storage Beds

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