Crushed Velvet Beds with Beds on Legs

February 10, 2021

Crushed Velvet Beds With Beds On Legs

If you are looking for a super glamorous bed for your boudoir we would say look no further than our Crushed Velvet Beds!

Luna Ottoman - Crushed Velvet Beds

Our lovely Luna Ottoman Bed shines just like the moon! She is one of our most popular crushed velvet beds with the added bonus of having oodles of storage space! She has a boarded bottom to hold all of your worldly goods. The mattress also sits on a platform top base to support your mattress perfectly. Luna is available 5x different finishes so she can fit in with your decor precisely. You can choose from Black, Silver, Lavender, Truffle or Cream.

Crushed Velvet Beds


Birlea Bordeaux - Crushed Velvet Beds

If you are looking for crushed velvet beds with a bit of drama then the Birlea Bordeaux Velvet Bed is the one for you. Starting with the fabulous crushed velvet finish in black right through to the crystal buttons, the Bordeaux is a stunner. The star attraction of this opulent bed is the wonderful scrolled headboard and foot.

Crushed Velvet Beds - Birlea Bordeaux Bed

Creme de la creme - Crushed Velvet Beds

The Walkworth Bed has been a popular choice with our customers for quite some time and has now been given a fresh update with this Crushed Velvet finish. The structure and supreme craftsmanship comes as standard with all Kaydian bed frames so introducing the crushed velvet finish adds a splash of fun and creative flair. In fact this new fabric finish gives the Walkworth Ottoman Bed a whole new look! The timeless appeal of this bed and its imposing headboard can hold the glamorous effect of the fabric, giving it an old Hollywood feel. The Walkworth also includes ottoman storage, making it both practical and stylish.

Crushed Velvet Beds - Kaydian Walkworth Bed

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