Kaydian Walkworth Bed

February 10, 2021

Walkworth Ottoman Bed

The Kaydian Walkworth Bed is our favourite type of bed! It is obviously super stylish but the main thing we really love is the supreme quality finish. The workmanship is exceptional throughout the whole process from design to assembly.

Walkworth Ottoman Bed

Kaydian Walkworth Bed - Style

If you are wanting to bring a little hotel chic to your bedroom then the Kaydian Walkworth Bed could tick that box. The Walkworth has a tall headboard with clean lines and a padded finish. It is simple and elegant. It will take center stage in the bedroom without overpowering it.

Walkworth Ottoman Bed

Kaydian Walkworth Bed - Ottoman Storage

Each part that makes up one of these beds is carefully designed and assembled so that it will stand the test of time. Kaydian have introduced new design features to make their beds even more functional and easy to use. The gas pistons have been updated, they are now positioned closer to 90 degrees rather than 45 degrees. This means they are pushing the base up and down, rather than at an angle making them easier to lift and close. The side rails are deeper allowing for more storage space below. The Platform top base now has two handles positioned slightly apart making it easier to lift. All of Kaydian’s low foot end models are now slightly shorter in length. The base boards sit on top of the foot end and the siderails. This means the external frame measurements are more compact so these beds will be suitable for a wider variety of bedrooms.

Kaydian Walkworth Bed- On Trend Fabric Finishes

The Walkworth Ottoman Bed currently comes in Oatmeal, Slate & Silver Crushed Velvet. The silver crushed velvet gives a glamorous fabric finish & looks stunning on a large piece of furniture like a bed. Kaydian have also just introduced a new fabric called Cliffe Velvet that can be described as a plush slate grey. This fabric a bang on trend and looks amazing on the Walkworth bed frame.

Here at Beds on Legs we always like to offer our customers something a bit different so we will also be getting the Walkworth in a beautiful Silver Velvet finish. This will be available from June 2017 in a 4ft6 Double & 5ft King Size.

Walkworth Ottoman Bed


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