February 10, 2021 2 min read

4ft Small Double Fabric Ottoman Beds are adding a stylish kick to bedrooms around the UK. In this post we are taking a closer look at some of our best selling 4ft Small Double Fabric Ottoman Beds.

4ft Small Double Fabric Ottoman Beds - Berlin Crushed Velvet Ottoman Bed

The Berlin Ottoman Beds has been a popular a very popular fabric ottoman for quite some time. Birlea have introduced a Crushed Velvet fabric option and we are predicting big things for it. It is ultra luxe and ultra glamorous. You can choose from Steel Crushed Velvet or Black Crushed Velvet. The Berlin Ottoman has a elegant contemporary headboard and a gas lift pistons. The ottoman is 24cm deep and includes a protective base sheet that sits on the floor.


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4ft Small Double Fabric Ottoman Beds 4ft Small Double Fabric Ottoman Beds - Birlea Berlin Ottoman

4ft Small Double Fabric Ottoman Beds - Monte Carlo Ottoman Bed

The Monte Carlo Ottoman Bed is one of our best sellers. It is available in several different colours and fabric finishes. It is a divan style ottoman base which means it is more compact compared to bedsteads. This type of ottoman is perfect for bedrooms short on space and storage. It has platform top base, the best type of base to have with an ottoman. It also has a boarded bottom base and is 26cm deep so you can fit tons of item in there. The Monte Carlo has superior quality gas lift pistons ensuring it is easy to use.


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4ft Small Double Fabric Ottoman Beds - Katie Ottoman Bed

The Katie Ottoman has the exact same build as the Monte Carlo Ottoman. The Katie headboard however has a contemporary design which creates a completely different look. We love the Charcoal Chenille fabric Katie is pictured in below. We think this moody shade looks fab with mint green, teal and pink accessories.


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