Kaydian TV Beds

October 11, 2016

Kaydian TV Beds

Kaydian TV Beds are the best of the best when it comes to creating a perfect spot to hibernate. Those wintry nights are really kicking in now so we think its time to bunker down and get cosy.


Kaydian Barnard TV Ottoman Bed - Kaydian TV Bed

The Kaydian Barnard TV Bed is like the Swiss army knife of the bed world. Firstly it is a bed, so crucially you have somewhere to sleep. Secondly it is a TV bed so you can get in box set heaven and not move. Thirdly it is an Ottoman Bed, so you have oodles of storage space to fill, thus keeping your nest (bedroom) tidy.

Kaydian TV Beds

The Kaydian Barnard TV Ottoman Bed is available in either Black Bonded Leather or Silver Crushed Velvet. The Black Bonded Leather finish exudes quality and a timeless style which has proved incredibley popular. Kaydian TV Beds have been around for quite some time and they usually had quite a masculine look to them. The introduction of the Silver Crushed Velvet finish gives this TV Bed a whole new look and feel. The lush velvet finish softens the shape and creates a truly glamorous center piece for the bedroom.

Kaydian Barbard TV Ottoman Beds

Just look at all that storage space! This TV bed has a spacious floating floor storage area 27cm deep which is accessed by a side lift opening.

Kaydian TV Beds

Kaydian Maximus TV Bed & Soundbar - Kaydian TV Beds

The Kaydian Maximus TV Bed is a tech lovers dream. It has a 3 directional HD sound bar with multi-functional controller and hub adapter with USB and Auxiliary port and headphone socket. The Maximus TV bed is available in Smoke Grey or Black Bonded Leather. The Smoke Grey finish has a look of boiled wool and is soft to the touch. The neutral colour creates a fresh modern take on this type of design.

Kaydian Maximus TV Bed

All Kaydian TV Beds benefit from a ultra slim quiet function TV lift mechanism.

Kaydian TV BED

Kaydian Cartmel TV Bed - Kaydian TV Beds

The Kaydian Cartmel TV Bed is super stylish. As with all Kaydian TV Beds there is a hardware compartment within the siderail so there is room for all media boxes.

Kaydian Cartmel TV Bed

We love the button detail on the headboard paired with the Black Boned Leather.

Kaydian TV Bed

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