What Can You Store In Your Ottoman Bed?

November 01, 2016

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman Storage Beds 

Here at Beds On Legs we absolutely love Ottoman Beds, the majority of us that work here have one. Not to boast but I have two, an end lift ottoman in my main bedroom and a side lift ottoman in my spare bedroom too. Ottoman beds are a great space saving idea, especially when you do not have much of it and space is definitely at a premium in my 3 bedroom cottage. I thought an ottoman bed was an amazing idea especially after I realised what limited wardrobe space there would be in my new house.

Ottoman Bed

I not only manage to store clothes that are out of season in there, but also clothes that I want to keep, just in case one day, by some miracle I might fit back into them. I also managed to get some shoes, belts and hair accessories into it. Hidden at the bottom there are a few other items that I do not want to get rid of such as old diaries, items that I want to keep, but hope will never see the light of day and save me the embarrassment of anyone ever reading them.

Ottoman Bed

Ottoman beds come in all sizes but 3ft Single and 4ft Small Double Ottoman beds are great for children's bedrooms, they can be used as a giant toy boxes where toys can be hidden after use. Small Double Ottoman Beds are perfect for spare bedrooms, if you do not want to add a wardrobe and space is tight, they are great to keep all of your spare bedding in.

Whilst ottoman beds are great for everyday items such as bedding and clothes, we have found some people who have come up with some more imaginative uses for this space. The following person used there ottoman bed as a place to put there child's scalextric and they have added fairy lights to make it truly amazing. It's such an imaginative use of the space and gives rise to whole new possibilities for what you can do with an ottoman bed. To recreate this amazing idea please see our range of Ottoman bed here


Ottoman Bed

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