Is It Easy To Open an Ottoman Bed? Our 101 Guide

October 01, 2021

Is It Easy to Open an Ottoman Bed?

If you’re desperate for extra storage, then the chances are you’ve delved into the world of Ottoman beds. After all, when it comes to storage these beds come up trumps. In fact, an Ottoman bed offers up to four times the amount as a standard four drawer divan. That’s an efficient use of the wasted space under the bed. However, you may be wondering if it is easy to open an Ottoman bed. After all, not all of us are gifted with the musculature of a body builder!  Plus, it would make the storage space redundant if accessing it wasn’t easy.  So, if you want to know if it is easy to open an Ottoman bed then read our guide.

Is it Easy To Open an Ottoman Bed?


Yes – It is Easy to Open an Ottoman Bed!

The simple answer is that it is absolutely easy to open an Ottoman bed. This is because all our Ottoman beds feature gas pistons which makes lifting one a doddle. These gas pistons look like bicycle pumps that release air as they are moved.  If you’ve got a car then you will already be familiar with gas pistons as these are fitted to assist with opening your boot.


Is it Easy To Open an Ottoman Bed?

Are Some Ottoman Beds Easier to Open Than Others?

Now we’ve established that all our beds are fitted with gas pistons and that you’re not going to injure yourself opening one, you may wonder if some beds are easier to open than others? Again, the simple answer is yes. Indeed, some beds are fitted with 4 gas pistons whilst others are fitted with 2. Obviously, the beds that have 4 pistons are easier to lift as they have more force.  All our divan style Ottoman beds feature 4 pistons. Therefore, if you are looking for a bed with the easiest lifting mechanism then you should consider one of these.  


Is It Easy Open an Ottoman Bed?

Do Gas Pistons Ever Fail?

Gas pistons rarely fail. However, some people sometimes worry that they have problems with the pistons when they first get them.  One of the most common enquiries we receive is from people who can’t close their Ottoman bed. However, there’s no need to panic as this problem is easily resolved. Indeed, the most common reason why an Ottoman bed won’t close is because the mattress hasn’t been put in position and therefore there isn’t the required weight. You can read more on the subject here.

Is it Easy To Open an Ottoman Bed?



We hope that this guide has helped to reassure you that lifting an Ottoman bed is as easy as pie. You certainly don’t need to worry about injuring yourself when using one either. If you have any more questions then we are always happy to help either via email or over the phone. For all our Ottoman beds just click here.

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